NORI hell

started 10 mg nori last night
within 45 minutes felt like i had 10 cups of black coffee on board: totally wired, heart pounding, nervousness. i have a long history of paradoxical reactions, wonder if that is what this was. I wont be going back to find out

I could not tolerate it either and at a very low dose - half of what you took. I took it for 5 nights and was having insomnia and major forgetfulness and memory problems and lots of agitation. My neuro did not like the memory stuff and insomnia and took me off. It is supposed to be calming for most people.

Thats too bad - it’s actually worked quite well for me.

Nori jacked me up too. S

amazing: three people on this forum couldnt tolerate low dose nori. what gives? chemical sensitivity?

THese meds get you either wired or tired…that usually will tell you what time of day to take them. 10 mg might be too much to start with. Ami, which is Nori’s sister, is the more sedating of the 2, and used for migraine prevention as well.
It might be worth looking into. If you have low sero, and put a serotonergic med into your system, your receptors think it’s party time and want to soak it up. Kind of like your pupils do after being in the light and then going into the dark…they get bigger to soak up what little light there is. If that makes sense.
Start low…go slow…it doesn’t mean you can’t trial it, you just might have to make some adjustments.

wow…that sounds awful. at least now you know. it affects me the opposite. wierd… :?

Hi…nori gave me such severe heart paplatations on the low dose I went to the ER thinking I was in AFIB. Admitted over night had all kinds of tests and labs everything normal except my BP which is always high even with meds. So scary I stopped immediately on the advice of my cardiologist. I have yet to find the right combination of meds. I hate this!