Nori Question

Hi All,

Via his secretary, Dr S has advised that I should start Nori at 10mg nightly for 2-3 weeks then upping the dose (if needed) to a max of 80mg.

Can anyone with experience advise how often you can up the dose? and also what dose you have stuck at?


Hi Richy

Dr S recently put me on Norti. He told me to start at 10 and increase by 10 every 2 weeks depending on how you feel. I am currently on 40mg. I might increase it to 50 in a couple of weeks but i will see how i feel

I cut the pill in half and started on 5mg for one or two nights then went up to 10mg for 2 weeks and then went up by 5mg every few weeks until I reached 30mg and then I saw Dr S for the first time and he told me to go up to 40mg a few weeks after I saw him. I tried 35mg and then 40mg but found it too sedating and I seemed to feel more groggy so I went back down to 30mg for a few months and stuck there. I am currently back up to 35mg and seem to be tolerating it ok and may try 40mg again before I see him in April. The good thing is that they are tiny pills and really easy to swallow and you can cut them in half because they aren’t capsules x

Richy - do you know if Dr S is actually away and not doing appts at the moment?

thanks for responses guys.

Jem - I spoke to his secretary today about arranging a telephone consultation with him and she said it will be in the 3rd - 4th week of April. I don’t think he’s doing appointments until at least then but certainly don’t quote me on that.

Prob worth giving the secretary a buzz

I started at 10mg - take it for 2 weeks
increase to 20mg - take it for 2 weeks
increase to 30mg - take it for 2 weeks…etc until you are at your maximum dose. Only increase if your side effects aren’t really bad. I am now taking 70mg of Nort. Started on sertraline as well… only at 50mg for now.
When I increased my dose (nori) each time I would have side effects from anywhere from 5-10 days. Really tired in the morning. The dry mouth has gotten better as well.
Hope Nori works for you :slight_smile:

Richy go up by 10 every 2 weeks and just see how you feel. If the side effects are really bad try going up in 5’s. It made me constipated, tired for a couple of weeks and it gives me a dry mouth but nothing terrible!

just received my 1st prescription of Nori. WIll take 10mg tonight for the first time and then see how I do after that.

Lets hope it helps!

It;s hard to remember but I think I increased the dose weekly as I tolerated it easily. I got super sedated at 75 mg- I stayed at that dose for 3 weeks and then the sedation disappeared like right at the 3 week mark. Now i am on 150 mg but honeslty I think the benefit stopped at maybe 50 or 75 mg i will eventaully prob just go down on the dose. Nori, Ami, and Lyrica were the only meds that didn’t initially make my dizziness any worse, so from that standpoint they were easy to tolerate- I got some other bad side effects though that made me give up on them all the first time I tried them.