Nori Taper

Neuro told me to taper off the 50 mg nori as it wasnt fully getting rid my MAV symptoms or migraines themselves - I’d been on the max dosage for 8 weeks. He told me wean off at 10 mg a week. Last week on the 40 I actually felt pretty good but then got a full on scotoma-filled mig yesterday - ugh! Last night I started my 30mg week, slept really good but this morning I had horrible migraine symptoms - some dizziness, anxiety ridden, smelling weird odors, ears ringing, etc. etc. I’m not sure if this is due to the nori tapering or the fact that my period is coming - maybe both! The neuro and my GP said I shouldnt feel any side effects since the dosages are in small increments and 50 wasnt high anyway. I dont know…

Anyone have any experience or opinions they can share?

I just want to say that you should taper as it feels right. No doctor can tell you exactly what will work best for YOU. If you start getting break through bad symptoms. I would go to the previous dose and stay there longer before attempting to wean down from there,