Normal, I dont think so!

Decided to take the plunge again and go on holiday to Menorca.
First day 2 hour car ride to airport, delayed flight, 4 hrs at airport, 2 and half hr flight and 25 minute transfer.
Arrived exhausted but actually OK! Second day it rained so stuck in place with flying ants and the place had been sprayed with the old insectiside but the cleaners came round and sprayed some more :frowning: Managed to go out for a good kareookee session that evening (drinking apple juice, no alcohol)

Monday the sun came out (a lot!) stood at bus stop waiting to take the bus to the capital Mahon and that old familiar disorientation dizziness, walking round capital feeling a vertigo attack was imminent. Got taxi back up the hill as felt exhausted and aching muscles, took a stemetil.

Woke 3 oclock Tuesday morning with flashing zig zag lights, Tuesday spent indoors, one hour down the beach at teatime with a hat one and still blinding migraine. Wednesday still blinding migraine, in most of day and took the little bus train to Punta Prima evening again.(Painkillers and more painkillers)

Thursday didnt dare risk anything as migraine just lifting and needed to get home on Friday (the time I went to Spain I ended up with severe vertigo attack the day before I flew home).

Friday up and taxi to take us to airport late (stress), got to airport and hr delay again, migraine coming on and low blood sugar, waiting for food feeling like going to pass out. Flight home bumpy and had head pressed back on seat feeling sick. Then drive home, such a relief to be back.

What do we do? Have had this condition for over 20 years now and wont let it beat me. Determined to lead some sort of normal life, but how can this holiday be described as normal! Have had constant bad heads for a week since being home, just as happened the last time I went. It must be the insectiside they put in the accommodation, the sun and the stress.

Anybody else worse on holiday?

Christine (wondering whether to ever attempt holiday abroad again)

Hey Chrsitine,

Sorry I missed this post. Wow, sounds like it was not fun you poor thing. This junk just sucks … what a drag that it was causing so much hassle. So YES, I can definitely relate as you already know.

Have you been on other holidays that weren’t quite so bad? Last year I was wrecked for 3-4 days after arriving but things got a lot better thereafter – almost totally normal … not so this time. It’s like a crap shoot.


Hi Scott,

Tenerife was great but that was over 20 years ago before this illness crept up on me, I used to get the odd severe vertigo attack then but fine in between. Israel was good too and that was when I was ill. Looking back its the physical effort that causes most of the problems. Israel, when we got to the hotel, there was an old boy, Mohamed, in a clapped out stretch limo but air conditioned, who for a price (cheap) for the week, offered to take us everywhere, no walking. Since then, we try and get villas (so I am not kept awake at night by the noise) but they are hard to find within walking distance of amenities, I just keep searching as I know a lot of walking is bad. Too much travelling is bad too, so I try and keep driving distances to airports short as possible, flights not too long and pick resorts nearest to the airports.

I find it accumulates over the days, I get more and more tired from doing stuff, we generally leave seeing the main town till late in the holiday and its usually the last straw, then the migraine from hell strikes.

Your long travelling in the car reminds me of when I was a child. We regularly used to travel from Germany down to Graz in Austria to see my grandparents, lot of driving and I was always laid in the back of the car with a packet of dry biscuits and taking “sealegs” (travel sickness pills). Do they still do “sealegs”? That could be your answer!