Nortriptyline and Alcohol

Hi guys, I’m about to start 10MG Nortriptyline a day, I’ve been on 240mg propranolol - which I assume I’ll be tapered off slowly based on results. I’ve been able to drink alcohol whilst on propranolol, but am aware that Norti comes with a stronger warning. Can anyone advise if I’m ok to drink once my body has adapted to the new drug ? I’m a social drinker and tend to go out 2-3 times a month (consuming 4-6 spirit drinks) I don’t drink during weekdays or with meals. Am i putting myself at risk by drinking more than 1-2 drinks on any given night ? I realise that I’ll feel like crap the next day, but I can deal with that now and then. Just want to hear from folks who have found a happy medium between taking the drug and enjoying alcohol, to be sure that I’m not putting my overall health (or recovery from MAV) at risk. Thanks.

I do enjoy a few cocktails here and there, and I’m on 50 mg of ami, sister drug to nort basically, I find my alcohol tolerance is lower, between the drug and the condition, but besides that and a slightly shittier morning than usual I haven’t seen too much adverse affects, obviously I’d be careful with driving and what not if nort has the same sedating affect as ami

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Thanks, that’s reassuring to know. What’s the main difference between the 2 drugs ?

I’m currently on 20mg of Nori - the biggest side effect for me has been increased heart rate. Alcohol further increases my heart rate, so I try not to drink too much if I can.

I don’t think it’s the Nori you should be worried about, it’s the alcohol itself. My neuro recommended absolute max 1 maybe 2 drinks per week. If you’re drinking that many drinks on any given night you’re most likely prolonging your suffering with MAV

Picking this subject back up if that’s ok? Can anyone else shed light on how they have found drinking alcohol whilst taking nortriptyline? I’m starting 10mg and whilst I don’t want to drink at the moment, I am sure I’ll fancy a glass of wine in the future.
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I am on 50mg of Nortriptyline. I have found that I am able to drink socially but my tolerance is lower than before. I am not sure if it is the Nortriptyline or the VM but my limit is 2-3 drinks now….if I have any more I feel bad the next day with what feels like a hangover.

Thanks for replying. That’s useful to know :+1:t3:

lol. I think it is neither. That’s just normal. Having more than 2 drinks isn’t particularly healthy in any case.