Nortriptyline and pregnancy question

Dear all,

Does anyone know if it’s safe to take 10mg (the lowest possible dose) of nortriptyline per night while pregnant?

I am considering having a baby in the next few years and it would be massively appreciated if someone who has had experience with pregnancy and nortriptyline could share their advice with me.

There seem to be conflicting studies. Gabapentin seems to result in pre-term births but not major malformations. I wasn’t sure if a real low dose of either gabapentin or nortriptyline would be safer.

Obviously MAV is hard enough so it’s kind of daunting to imagine being pregnant and not being on any medications at all. Are there any safe ones? Does anyone have experience taking any medications while pregnant or breast feeding on this forum?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Liv I took 75 Mgs whilst pregnant with my second son. I am a midwife and nobody really knew so we contacted the psychiatric team as they were the only ones who had seen people pregnant on high doses for depression and they said it was a low risk of any problems. Phoenix is three and is wonderful! You can do this. The anti epileptic drugs definitely carry risks. XXXX much love

Dear Lsbasini, Thank you SO much for your reply. It really means a lot to me!!! Very reassuring to hear that you had a healthy happy baby on nort. :slight_smile: When I was on it, 10mg seemed to help a lot, although some symptoms returned under fluorescents so I was tempted to go a little higher- wonderful to know that even at 75mg you were OK. That’s awesome you’re a midwife. What a great profession!! I agree that anti-epileptics seem more risky for pregnancies given how they act to slow down nerve signaling. xx