Nortriptyline and side effects

I am taking 20 mg of Nortiptyline and I have much fatigue, and are getting angry very very easy. So me (and probably my housbond to) would like to know if you expirienced that the side effects got better at a time? I am trying to go up to 30 mg.

Best from Line

I’ve done very well on nortriptaline, and much, much better than on lower doses. Doesn’t mean you’re wired the same way.

Hang in there for a while longer if you can. Nortriptalyne is definately the gold standard initial drug for MAV. I have been on it (along with 2 other daily preventatives) for 4 years now and take 75mg a day. I have had no negative side effects from it. Docs say you have to give drugs a fair chance to work…and that 6-8 weeks is usually a good time period. Before that I tend to think it is just MAV symptoms still flaring.


I too, got angry very quickly when taking nortriptyline - didn’t realise that it was the Nori until I switched to Prothiaden! I also found I felt very ‘hung over’ on the Nori & head much clearer on Prothiaden. My husband was getting lots of flak so great now I’m much calmer. I think we all have different reactions to these drugs & I’m glad I made the switch. :slight_smile:

its so strange that i am reading this b/c i have been very “edgy” for the past few wks & i didnt know WHY? Its like im PMSing ALL the time! :x

I started on 10mg…up to 30mg & am back to 20mg…i just cant seem to handle the way it makes me feel…or NOT feel as i have no emotion lately. :cry:

also am constipated & hands are very cold. but the vertigo is gone. :!: …is this all worth it?..I dunno… But i think i need to change my meds soon.

Well Ammarato, I told my friend the exact same thing; that I felt PMS the holl time.

Thanks everyone. I will stick to it, and give it a fair chance for at least 2 month :slight_smile:

I’m on Nortriptyline as well. Just started a week and a half ago on 10mg so it might be too soon to list side effects. My neurologist is bumping me up to 25mg after this week and I will stay on that dose for three months.

I feel like it has helped my anxiety greatly thus far. I have an anxiety disorder and instead of worrying about every little thing I feel a lot more “chill.” Opposite to what others are saying it has balanced my emotions, I feel so much more rational. Sometimes I feel a bit like a zombie and a kind of slow but I prefer that to jumping around with irrational anxiety. Haven’t had a head migraine since I started but I am still having problems with my right ear, mainly pain and pressure.

Argh, this is hard too figure out.
I have had dizzy spells 5 times (where everything is moving) for a couple of sekunds the last week. I didnt have these before I startet on Nortriptyline. Hrmpf… I am only on 20 mg. And i’m SO confused. To stop or to keep going. :roll:

PS. And my ear is crazy.

I am on ami, so obviously there is a slight difference, but when I first started taking it I was drowsy and it ramped up my symptoms. I titrated up to 25 mg and as I went up I have not had any side effects. I think it does take a little time for you to get used to the drug, and the drowsiness will start to fade. I definitely say give it a fair trial. I stayed on ami for well over 2 months before I realized it was truly helping me.

I had serious rage on Nort - anything that hits Ne receptors gives me rage. Maybe Ill try Prothieden next.

I had terrible rage from 30mg onwards with amitriptyline. I am now on prothiaden. Still feel like having outbursts but need to be on drug longer to see if side effects are less.

This is sø horrible. I reel so bad. I am so fuzzy and have headace. is this normal? I can not work, studie etc. Damn…