Nortriptyline and Topamax?

Hello all!

I hope everyone is doing well. I was doing well for a few weeks there… functioning at about 60%. The past couple days havent been so good though. I attritbute this to me drinking coffee and stopping my morning dose of topa bc it was making me entirely too sleepy. However, I hope to get back to my baseline soon, as I am back to my 40-50 hour work week and I cannot take anymore time off of work.

My question is… has/ is anyone here currently taking topamax and nori together? I am thinking of adding the nori to my topa to see if it helps. I just want to get better. 60% is nice, but 90% would be even better. I really didnt want to keep going up on the topa because I havent noticed a difference with it at 150 mg and Im exhausted. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Thank you!


I have taken this combination before. At first I was on 100 mg Topamax alone, but it started to have its toll (it made me think and speak in “slow motion”), so Dr Hain dropped the Topamax to 50 and added nortriptyline, starting at 10 mg and working up to 50. We eventually dropped Topamax altogether since there was no apparent benefit.

The combination is safe enough, but whether nortriptyline will provide added benefit is hard to say. I’m sure some people will have more success with it than I did.

Hi Lisa

Glad you are feeling better but sorry it isn’t better enough right now. I don’t want to put you off working but it does sound like you may be expecting a lot of yourself to return to working such a long week. Is there any way you could reduce your hours?

Re nori and topa, someone posted a link to a blog called Sur’s World:

This lady is on that combo of meds so maybe you would find the link an interesting read x

George and Jem,
Thanx so much for the reply!

Jem, ugh I wish i could cut my hours back…but my positon requires full time hours. I have been doing well, so i dont want to play around too much with the meds. Im hoping the sedatian wears off with the topa and maybe adding in nori gets me back to my norm. Thanx for the article! Xx hope u r well!


Hi Lisa,

From the line at the bottom of your post, it looks like you are on a low dose Paxil too? Do you feel like this helps your symptoms at all? Can you try going up on that dose?

If you take Nori and Topamax together be careful as that combination can cause you to not shed heat properly. As in you won’t sweat properly and can be prone to overheating. I was on this combination briefly when I was coming off of nori and going onto topamax and I almost suffered heatstroke on a hot summer day when my air conditioning was out. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t sweating properly and it wasn’t until I started feeling faint that I realized I needed to start hydrating. I didn’t even know that this combination of medication can make it hard for the body to properly regulate temperature.

That is such.a good idea…I may just try that first. But I may not have to as i have been feeeling rather awesome the past couple.days. Ive been upping my topa so now at 150mg…fingers crossed :slight_smile: thanks for ur post x!

Thanks for the heads up!! I really didnt want to start another med. I love topa :wink: . But i was having desperate days. However im feeling kinda good now. Did nori Work at all on its own? I dont think id ever give up topa though…


So glad to hear the Topa is working for you!!! Did you have any trouble walking- if you did, do you think Topa has helped with that? Also about the Paxil- my Dr. was thinking of starting me on that- I tried Prozac and Lexapro which made my symptoms way worse. Did the Paxil change your symptoms at all?

I did not have trouble walking before topa. However, I did have horrible horrible disequilibrium. It was awful. Topamax has literally saved my life. I started paxil before topa, about a week or so. A very small, baby dose, 5 mg. I actually started paxil for the anxiety of MAV. I had no idea drs used it for MAV too! But I love it for anxiety and I believe it may play a part it helping w my recovery. So I may up it a bit. I did not notice any side effects with the paxil at 5mg. It is a small dose though. Let me know if u have any ques! Good luck! :slight_smile:
Lisa x

Sorry what is disequilibrium- I thought that was unsteadiness on your feet? How long have you been on the topa? I want to go on something like Paxil too- the anxiety over this is literally killing me! I am so unsteady on my feet that I have to use a cane, and just feel like I can barely move!

Its hard for me to explain lol I guess I just use that word all the time bc my world is not actually spinning, but its just off. I started topamax back in September. So its been 3 months. Hope you are feeling good today! Let me know if u have any questions about topamax as its a rather hard drug to adjust to but its worth it! Paxil is easier. :slight_smile:


That Sur’s World blog was very interesting especially the bit about migraine destroying the nerves from ears to brain. The only bad thing about it was the text was in white and background black and once I had finished it I got the most awful migraine!!! Can’t do white on black.

The blog could have been written by any one of us, so so similar symptoms.