Nortriptyline - increased headaches

Hello everyone
I am currently searching for my miracle drug without much luck so far. I have been taking Nort for 7 days now (5mg) and instantly noticed a big increase in headaches. I have had an unrelenting “throbbing” headache for a week. Just wondering whether this may be a side effect of the Nortriptyline. Will I continue with the medication with hope that the headaches might subside? I really want to persist with this medication as it has helped so many people on this site but the headaches are making it so difficult. What to do???


I am on Nori and have been for 1½ month. It is my second trial, because I stopped the first time because of the headaches. But this time it passed again. I do have a little more headache, but the worst part is over. Im sticking with it for at least 3 months this time…

Keep me posted Line. Love to know how you’re going? Can you feel it helping with the dizziness yet. I’m up to day 9. Headaches not as bad. Dizzies are still with me in full force…I think Nort is making them worse. I think I will persist and see how I feel in a month… what a battle!

How are the headaches going Kylie? Are you sticking with the Nori?
I have defenedly still increased headaches, but the dizzy is better. So are the earpain.

Best from Line

Gday Line
I am so happy the Nort is helping with your dizziness…that’s great progress. Shame about headaches though. They can be so debilitating and make you feel down right miserable! My headaches have subsided a little. My head does not feel right though…lots pressure and Nort seems to have made my dizziness so much worse. I am SPINNING OUT today! Day 10…see how next week goes…can’t get any worse a suppose. Fingers crossed!
Take care!

Hi, I know this thread is a few months old but I wanted to ask, did your headaches ever subside? Im on week 3 of Nori and my head is pounding as I type this! I had a 3 day period last week where the headache was so intense I couldn’t concentrate on anything else and no painkillers would touch it. When I first started on the Nori I felt like I had increased energy and really thought this would be the wonder drug for me, but now I feel like death!
I’ve been dieting and exercising a lot lately but the way I feel now I wonder if my head will burst open if I start exercising so thats gone down the pan too :frowning:

So I really just wanted to hear from others - did the side effects go away eventually?

I hope everyone is feeling good today

Thanks for reading


Iv bein getting this recently also! Did any of your headaches subside?

Right now I’m increasing Nortriptyline from 35 to 40mg and it is giving me some headache like symptoms. Has anyone else had that? I am trying to go up to 50mg (my PCP said that will be 1 pill) but I can’t even make it to 40mg yet. Could this uncomfortable feeling in my head be that my body is adjusting to the dose?