Nortriptyline is the stuff

Nortiptyline is really working for me! It took away my headaches, my sinus pain, my tooth pain, my jaw pain and even neck pain. But best of all it is taking away the vibrational humming. I have not had it for like 2.5 weeks now!! I can not tell you how wonderful this is. I am still slightly dizzy but i am in the process of moving up to 75mgs. I hope it works. The nueronton did not even touch this stuff. I think I am going to wean off it once i am stable on Nortrip. I also weaned off the kolonopin. yay! I am just feeling so normal and great I had to share. :slight_smile:


That great - could get past 50mg Nortrip myself so hope the increase takes away the dizzies too.

That’s excellent news thanks for sharing - it’s always good to hear some positivity especially when we’re all struggling on our med trials…

Hopefully we’ll soon hear your back to 100%

Thanks for letting us know. It’s so awesome to hear when someone is feeling better and what is working for them.

Take care and keep us posted.


I agree i am on 140mg of nortryptoline as well as pregabolin and I wouldn’t want to stop taking it I will increase to 150mg then stop keep the increase going xx

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I am in the minority in that nortrip is the only med I have taken. Diagnosed about 3 months ago with MAV and starte on nortrip @ 10 mg. increaseing by 10 every week. I have now been on the max dose of 100 mg for about 2 weeks now and I am pretty much symptom free - dizzy and off balanced. I do get off balance while walking my dog and he stops to sniff or pee. I agree, the nortrip has worked well me at this point.


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Awesome stuff to hear guys. Nori is on my list to try next if the current med is a flop. Well done and keep us posted.

Hi Jeff,

I know it’s been a while, but how are you feeling? Did the Nort. continue to work for you?

Do you remember at what dose you felt better - was it immediate and sustained or all of a sudden after hitting a certain dose?

I’m on 60 mgs without much help so wondering if I should try something else or keep upping it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The dose that works for me is 100mg. It was gradual. But since I stayed on the dose for 1 week I was able to tell pretty quickly. Over time I tried to decrease or increase the dosage and I
knew right away. I remain at 100 mg. I hope that helps. Do increase your dosage weekly basis by 10 mg? You will what is right when you hit it. I had the same questions myself.

Hi Jeff,

thank you so much for responding. I am glad you are still in control of the migraines :slight_smile: . I hope it continues forever!

Do you remember if you felt fine but still with some problems at around say 50-60 mg or it wasn’t until you hit 100 that you saw a distinct difference? In other words, were you at let’s say 50% at 50 mg., became 60% at 70mg, 80% at 90 mg, etc…? Was it a linear improvement? I don’t know if that makes sense…lol…

I ask because I go back and forth in how I feel. I felt 50% at 50 mg. but I feel 20% at 60 mg. I know 50mg isn’t enough, though, I stayed on it for 4 weeks so went up to 60 mg a week ago but feel even worse, so I don’t know if I should up it or try something else… So confusing…

Thanks again.

it would be nice if it is that clear cut. I kept increasing the dose by 10 every week until there was a difference. In other words, when it was TOO MUCH medicine, i had a negative reaction. Keep in mind that I still have symptoms but not so bad that I can’t function. Foods never had an effect on me, so in that sense I consider myself lucky. I am at the point that I can function around the house, I can do local driving and limited shopping.

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Hi Jeff,

thanks for responding. I’m heading back down to 50 mg - 60 mg did me no good. I’ll either drop the Nort. completely or add something to it.

I’m glad you are better but not fully well. I wonder if you can add something to the Nort to be a bit better so your driving/shopping etc. is not limited much? Have you spoken with your neuro about this? There are people that do OK on one med, but once they find another one to go with it, they get massively better. Just throwing it out there…

Thanks again and best wishes!

Hi everyone. I wanted to update you how I am doing. It’s been 4.5 years on these meds and all of my issues have gone away. I was able to ween off the 4500 mgs of gabapentin and I have weened down recently to 50 mgs of nortriptylin. I was on 100mgs. It’s going really well in the 50 w no dizziness or pain! So happy! I will try and get off of it completely in another year. Dr Carey said some people can eventually get off the meds after being on them a long time bc the brain develops new pathways. He seems to be right !


Well done and thanks for reporting a positive story! Hope it continues for you!

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May I ask if you ever or still have vertigo attacks?

I had a slight attack when I went on a boat recently but it went away after that day


Great. Hope they stay infrequent and mild!

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theres hope for us all :slight_smile: keep pushing through peeps,Notchoma your a legend thanks for reporting x

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Good to hear that your doing well? Per chance is John Carey at Johns Hopkins your Physician? I consulted with him last year.