Nortriptyline side effect

Hi all

I have been on nort (10mg) for 4 days and it looks like it is giving me constipation.

Has anyone else had this? What shall i do? Shall i stick with it and see how it goes?

Sny advice? X

Stick it out, it is a pain (eeerrrm) but is seemed to get better over time x

Thanks anna x :smiley:

Hi Rob, I think this is quite common with nori. It will probably get better in time but otherwise they tell you to try to include more fibre in your diet.

Did you ask Dr S for the nori?

Is he still keeping you on your other two meds as well as nori? x

I had and still have the same problem with Nort. I was taking stool softeners at first, but you can only take them for a temporary fix. I’d ask your dr how long you can take them for. I am now taking Culturelle (probiotic) once a day and that seems to be helping. I’d stick with the Nort to see if your constipation gets better. But definitely check with your Dr to see what he/she recommends. good luck… Hang in there… hope it gets better for you.

Had the same problem taking nortriptyline then dothep 100mg (another tricyclic). My specialist recommended osmolax (an osmotic - Macrogel)in conjunction with upping fibre. Haven’t had any probs since taking it. No restriction on length of time to be used. Gluten, lactose, yeast, etc. free. & OK for children. No side-effects.

Sorry for post piggybacking! Katy! How are you? How’s the nori going what are you up to now? I’m at 75mg! X

Hi Anna,

I’m doing great!
I am taking 70mg of Nort and I’m adding sertraline next week to see if I can get rid of the last of my symptoms. I am at 90%. How are you? Is the Nort helping your symtoms?

Oh Kathy that’s so positive to hear? (you should maybe do a post about how you are feeling better - to lift other spirits! ) 90% wow! I’m at about 80% the main problem is still the bright florescent lights. They are so annoying! Last time I saw dr s he believes my brain is starting to heal which is good, I’ve been getting mad symptoms like flashing lights, loads of tingling & headaches !!! (blurgh) he said it was a sign of healing! So your dr believes you just need a second med to rid you of the final pieces , that’s interesting, dr s says I can go as high as 90 & then if I am not 100% we will add another med too. Have you been sticking to the diet? What are your main problems? Xxx

Hi jem

Yeah he is keeping me on the other 2

I asked about nort and he said ok and added it

I might come off the pitz i dont think thats doing anything for me

Im stuck at about 75%

How you feeling?

Hi Rob, That’s good, hope the nori helps you. I have improved from where I was a few months back. I am on 35mg nori right now. I tried to go up to 40mg a few weeks ago but it made me really tired so I went back down to 30mg, however I don’t think 30-35mg nori will be enough to really get on top of the dizziness so I am trying to increase for a second time. I have a feeling I will need to add another med to the nori but the only meds I could get at the moment are the beta blockers (which I tried and didn’t like) or Topiramate as that was next on Dr Silver’s list. I may just give nori a few more months then either ask my GP for Topamax or book another appt with Dr S. x

i think it’s quiet normal to feel worse before you get better. I think a couple of people have mentioned that they get slightly worse when they increase the dose

i am glad you’re feeling a bit better :smiley: x

Robert, I’ll second that about fiber and lots of fluid; if that doesn’t work well, add some Magnesium. The oxide can be ver-ry loosening.