Nortriptyline Side effects

Hi All,

I realise there are a few posts on Nori lately but feeling pretty rough today so wanted to post my own.

I stayed on 10mg for the first 2 weeks. The first week I felt a bit groggy and the dizziness increased slightly also. The 2nd week I felt much better. Much less anxiety and much more outgoing. Wanting to do things that I wouldn’t have been interested in normally.

On Saturday I upped the dose to 20mg… ever since I have felt groggy but today I feel downright terrible. Really really dizzy, a sickness type feeling and more detached from reality.

also having some weird alice in wonderland stuff where things seem farther away and smaller somehow… god this stuff is crap

I hope this calms down again in the next few days. Has anyone else had similar? how long does it normally last?

Hey Richy :slight_smile:

You know for me the higher I got the better I felt BUT for every increase I had AT LEAST 2 clear weeks where I felt rubbish. I don’t know if this is the case or not, but I often wonder if as we feel better that we push ourselves - maybe even without realising it and as a result, we do feel more off.
I remember one of my increases (think it was 50-60mg) I went Christmas shopping all day. It was busy, hot & stressful & the lights were hideous. I felt absolutely horrendous by the afternoon & for the next 3 days. I had pushed myself too far…

Hope my rambling helped! Xx

thanks for your thoughts Anna.

Do you think I should push through this then or maybe take the dose down to 15mg?

I feel intense rocking sensation and pushing and pulling sensation in my muscles… it is truly horrible!

I am medication tolerant, so I increased by 25mg incraments, Im at 75mg now. I had an increase in symptoms on each increase, it last for 1 week the first two times. I increased to 75mg 2 weeks ago and I still feel not quite my “normal”. I also have really bad drymouth at night.

I would try and push through it if you can , I know exactly what you mean by the horrid pulling sensation. Give it clear 2 weeks before you decide to take it down. There must be a reason why DR S recommends increasing by 10mg every 2 weeks, he must have had the most success that way xxx