Nortriptyline & The Sun

Ok so I was wearing the hat and the sunblock and all as the pamphlet told me then one day I went without and didnt get any burn or nothing well yesterday I did get a minor sunburn on my back…Why do they insist on the sunblock and hat is it to avoid sunburn cause we are more susceptible or is is because if we get a sunburn bad things can happen to us?? Just wondering if I should be worried and why exactly they tell you to use a hat and sunblock…

Most of the time is is because we can burn easily. It also means that if done right, you can tan easier.

Then there are the meds that cause allergic reactions to the sunlight.

The meds I take make it really easy for me to burn.
The meds my wife takes makes her break out in a rash, with or without sunscreen.

Under Common Reactions to nortriptyline is listed: photosensitivity, meaning, you can burn real bad.

Hi , My brother has been on meds for 20 odd years and his skin has a (black dirty grey colour), his doc said it the mix of his meds and the sun.
he’s not supposed to be out in the sun at all.
it’s a chemical reaction with the meds.