Nortriptyline to Verapamil...any Verap stories?

So I was on nortriptylene and having success, but I was gaining weight (didn’t fit into some of my pants, 5 lbs doesn’t matter to me, but when it gets to be so much I need new pants, thats a problem). so I just switched to Verapamil. I have been on the Ver for 2 days now. I have a headache (2 days now) and a little of the rocking sensation. Any personal stories about this? How long does it take to work? I have searched it on here and it seems like people have had success with it. At least I know I can switch back if I need to.

Just to post a positive for you I know someone on another forum who got 95% better on Verapamil she said shes got her life back. Wish I could contact her for you but she dosent really post anymore I figured she got her life back and wanted to forget about it (dont blame her tbh)
So I reckon she got to 100% after a while .
I would give it a go I think its one of those drugs that either has great success or great failure .