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Nortriptyline: what does it help with and at what dose?

I have a question about Nortriptylene.

I see a lot of VM sufferers have been prescribed Nortriptylene. I wonder what dosage they are on.

I am on a 10mg dose every evening for relief of sciatica and arthritis in my SI joint. I’m wondering what changes would be required for it to help my VM symptoms and would it help BPPV?

Normally people are on 10-50mg, but in rare cases some people are on much higher.

Amitriptyline is a similar drug. It completely stopped my migraines within 3 days of being on it but it was unable to control my vestibular attacks including BPPV. Only time seemed to fix those.

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The Nortriptyline section in this document is worth reading


Thanks Helen. I’ve been reading everything I can find on the subject of MAV & VM. I’ve even been looking for a new doctor. This group has motivated me to try harder to find a solution to my issues. Especially after the bad week I just went through.

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Always worth a try. You are already on two possible preventatives, Lyrica and Nortriptyline and you’ve already tried and abandoned another, Gabapentin. Maybe the medics will be able to tweak the doses to help.

It looks like I would need to double up my dosage of Nortriptyline. My pain management APRN-CNP was talking about increasing it for my sciatica and back pain and reducing the pregabalin. I have a routine appointment with him on Friday. I’m going to talk to him about my VM to make sure he is aware of it and see if he knows anything about treatments.

Great idea. If his speciality is pain surely he must be aware of VM.

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I’m sorry, I failed to update this after my visit with pain management. He didn’t want to change my dosage to help the VM issue. He said he wasn’t treating me for VM. He suggests my neurologist should adjust the med. I have an appointment with a new neurologist that specializes in migraines, but it’s not until October.

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