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I am currently taking 160mgs of propanolol and 15 mgs of nori i moved up to 15mgs from 10mgs 11days ago and im finding im feeling worse than when i was on 10 mgs,im getting alot more symptoms throught the day! Its bein 11 days since the dose increase shouldnt that of bein enough time for my body to settle from the dosage increase? What dose did anyone who is on nori find was a good dose to be on and started feeling alot more normal? All help would be apreciated so much thankyou! Chris

Couple of things:

  1. Symptoms fluctuate in any case so be careful of too much incorrect correlation or ‘confirmation bias’

  2. As with Ami, there’s a therapeutic optimum. Sometime you can go too high. But sometimes it’s just getting used to the new dose takes a little time.

Personally, I couldn’t handle the switch from 10mg to 20mg (didn’t try 15). I gave it almost 2 weeks and decided to quit nori after that. I didn’t feel anything at all at 10mg but felt considerably worse than no meds when on 20mg. I’m probably on something < 5mg now (spilling out powder to slowly get off).

I’ve had great results with nort but have to say when I started, then with each increase, I felt horrendous for a couple of weeks. Everyone’s different but I’d suggest going with it for now. Give it two weeks (at least) before you give up.

Thanks guys im gona keep with it just wonderd what other people’s exsperiences with it are,just seem to be getting triggerd so much more easier since the dosage increase is 15mgs still considered a low dose for mav?

Chris, I’m on 20mg daily. Started at 10mgs and for the first few days my symptoms increased.

This drug has helped my motion sensitivity and Visusl vertigo.

As for dosing, I think we’re all different in regard as to how many mgs
We need to see a response. I suppose fir some the drug might not be effective at all.
Trial and error with these meds…

100% agree and dosage sounds very similar to my amitriptyline.

Thankyou for the replies its bein 11 days since the increase so was just wondering if thats to long to still feel as if iv got worse since the increase i was fine this morning but just driving home all the car lights triggerd me,do you find your close to 100% better on the nori and ami?

Both similar drugs so will respond.

On 20mg it relieved me of most dizziness, though I still get odd mild non specific motion oddness most days. You learn to ignore it. Sooooo nice to feel the firmness of the earth beneath your feet once more!!

Sleep is sooooo much better. I wonder if this is one of the game changing elements that makes you feel so much less ill.

I have been almost 100% free of nausea. Maybe had 1 or 2 bad days in 6 months whilst on the drug.

It relieved me of 95% of visual stuff and the remaining brain wobbles have decreased with respect to artificial light over time in both frequency and intensity. I now am almost free of this symptom, except when tired.

Without meds I cannot use a computer or watch video for more than 20 minutes. On meds this time limit is eliminated.

I still get vertigo attacks but the visual element is eliminated. These are very infrequent. I’ve had one in 6 months.

Only side effects are sleepiness and lethargy in morning, slight constipation and dry mouth. All have reduced over time. I’m told side effects with Nori are less but similar but really a non issue unless you plan to drive during the night.

Finally the drug doesn’t help with ear pressure or tinnitus, though over time these have reduced or I have habituated. No longer need Spotify to play brown noise!

Yes I’m fine now. Dare I say it, but of late I’ve been 100%. I really hope I’m not tempting fate here!

I’m on 40 mg, and it took a year between starting until I got there as it had such bad effects even with a 5mg increase. They did calm down though after a couple of weeks. The doc told me to keep increasing though until I felt good so that’s what I did. Touch wood, so far so good.

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I feel a Success Story post coming on for you Scott! :smiley: :tada:

I want to share some positivity with others as I remember my desperation for some hope a year and half ago. I don’t have enough confidence in it yet to shout it from the roof tops! Too many folk out there post about awful relapses so I’m just taking it a day at a time. I’ll start reducing the meds in Jan so that will be when I begin to know if I’m truly better. Fingers crossed though.

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