Getting ready to embark on a trial of Nortriptyline . I have terrible hyperacusis and wanted to ask if anyone has taken this and had an increase in their hyperacusis symptoms? Just a small outing to a local restaurant today has the hyperacusis in full swing complete with the burning that I can sometimes get along with it. The music was a bit loud at first when we arrived, but got much quieter after being in the restaurant less than 10 minutes. Also, for those who have success with this drug, has it helped to reduce tinnitus and ear fullness?

Thank you!!

Hi Tootlebug,
I am on Nortriplyline, at a very low dose 7.5mg. I have compounding pharmacy make me some 2.5 mg. so I can go up slower. Anyway, I have terrible tinnitis all the time and it isn’t any better with the Nori. I have ear popping and fullness with Nori and without. No difference. Nori make my mouth very dry feeling and make me very fat. I have gained at least 15 lbs on the drugs… I’m taking Nori, Paxil and verapamil, so not sure which drug or ALL of them are responsible for the weight gain. I don’t know what that condition is, that you mentioned?? What is that? Thanks, Meredith

All the ear symptoms were the first symptoms that nori took care of for me. I am on 15mg and have been for more than a year now. A low dose, I know. Best of luck to you.

Me to. My earpain/fullness is much less now. I have been on Nori sine december, am working my way up to 30, now on 25.

Does it help with the dizzy? :roll:

I just started on Nortriptyline 4 days ago. My mouth is wicked dry but other than that no other side effects so far. My Dr said "don’t pig out or you’ll gain weight lol. Ugh. Was also wondering if it helps anyone with the feeling like you’re always buzzed? I hope so cuz I’ m beginning to forget what its like to feel normal. :roll:

Spinning, I have had both a diagnosis of MAV and Menieres on separate occasions. The diagnosis switched to Menieres once I had positive ECOG scores. I might be in denial, but I have never had any of the typical classic symptoms of MM. MM generally comes in attacks and episodes which I have never had. Once dizziness comes in it likes to pitch a tent an camp out and stay for a long time. I do have significant hearing loss that is believed to be genetic.

What are some of the typical side effects that those taking this drug have experienced? I really hate to read the mile long list of side effects that come with the medication from the pharmacy due to the fact that most of those will not apply.

Years ago early in my MAV diagnosis I took Depakote and gained relief from the dizziness. Stayed on it for several years, but went off of it when the dizziness returned quite strongly. I had gained a lot of weight while on Depakote and didn’t want to continue on a drug that was no longer helping the dizziness, but was affecting the scale. I have since gotten all of the weight off by proper diet and exercise.

Thanks again!!

I have been up to 150mg of Nortriptyline. I’m back down to 100mg now and I’m going to ask my doc to take me off of it now that I’m on Topamax.

The side-effects i’ve seen have not been serious. Dry mouth (significant above 100mg–it was like the Sahara Desert moved into my mouth). Made me a bit jittery for a while (doc said this was weird–it usually tires you out. MIght have possibly been un-depressing me! I’ve been relatively bummed out as of late due to medical issues) That seemed to fade over time. Delayed urination–minor annoyance where you think you’ve emptied your bladder only to find out 5 minutes later you really didn’t. Not a big deal. I did notice some sexual side effects above 100mg. at 100mg and below things were ok.

I’m pretty medicine tolerant but I was also on a reasonably strong dose.

Nortriptyline significantly reduced my ear fullness and tinnitus as well as reducing dizziness and vertigo. I ended up going off of it after reaching 50mg because it provoked tachycardia (rapid heart rate). It was so severe, I actually went to the emergency room once because of it. After a couple days off the Nortriptyline, the tachycardia has gone completely away. From what I can tell, tachycardia isn’t a rare side effect.

Nori helped my vertigo a good bit very quickly. I was on about 30mg’s when I started getting the most debilitating headaches. I think Nori is one of the most highly effective drugs for MAV (at least from what I’ve seen on this forum). Good luck!