I have been taking nortryptoline for the last few months for MAV and it has been working well

I started on 10mg tablets x 2 for the first month and these worked really well and knocked me out at bedtime

The 2nd Month i was prescribed 25mg tablets and i was taking one per night however these tablets had less effect took me a while to get to sleep,symptoms got worse during the day with my MAV

As of yesterday im now back on the 10mg x 2, despite being less mg these are far more potent, i was asleep withing 5 mins of the head touching my pillow, slept right through and was extremely groggy when i woke, today my symptoms are noticeably better

I would advise anybody on nort to ditch the 25mg tablets and go for the 10mg ones, possibly these are done by a different manufacturer who knows but they definately work better

do u have any unsteadiness when u walk and has it helped with this? maybe going up that fast was why it got worse??? maybe go up by 10 or 5 mg increments?

This is interesting, that “less is more”
just because something works at one dose, doesn’t mean you get more benefit from continually increasing it.
maybe it’s best to stay on a low dose.
my neurologist said anything over a 50% benefit would not markedly improve by increasing the dose further.

Maybe thats because Nortriptyline is an TCA with blocks norepinephrine reuptake. And norepinephrine(NE) is associated with arousal and alertness. At higher doses NE reuptake blocking will become apparent and will outweigh its sedating properties.