Nortripyline doesn't seem to work : (

I was taking pizotifen three times a day and after a relapse dr Surenthiran has added the nortripyline for me to take at night. I am currently on 30 mg but when I have upped it to 40 mg as I’m still dizzy it has completely wiped me out to the point that I can’t get out of bed.

I have had to go back down to 30 mg and just try my hardest to get through the working week. Unfortunately I have also had a ‘normal’ migraine on top of the dizziness and am now completely at a loss!! Dr S told me to keep upping them every fortnight or so until the dizziness/ migraines dissipate. Obviously this is a problem as I can’t function on 40mg let alone go up to the max dosage.

Is this something like the pizotifen that will get better in terms of the side effects, or is this drug just not for me. I am fed up of not being able to live my life, I am 30 and have suffered now for over a year. I initially had good results with the pizotifen but after 6 months have had a number of relapses hence the added nortrip.

Did anyone else just not get along with nortrip, how long is long enough to know?

Thanks in advance

Nortriptyline never made me very dizzy when starting up or changing a dosage. I got up to 150mg and it never really helped me either. It might have helped a little bit, but it was never significant.

How long have you been on it? Personally I think if you have tried to adjust to it for a full week or so and it is still wiping you out it might be time to move on and try a different medicine (assuming your doc agrees and is willing to trial different medicines). Maybe someone else can chime in with a different story, but I don’t think Nortriptyline is particularly hard to adjust to. So if you are struggling with it, it probably just isn’t right for you.

I know some meds like topamax take a good week to get used to each dosage, but Nortriptyline never took me more than 24-48 hours to adjust to when I changed a dosage by 10mg like you did.

BTW, as always, never take my advice over that of your doctor. I just don’t think Nortriptyline should make you feel worse for more than a brief period of time. It seems like a pretty easy drug to get used to.