Hi, just wondered if anyone has been taking Nort over 90mg? I am currently taking 90mg but think I will need to increase and seem to remember my consultant saying 90mg was the highest streñgth for Nort.

Hey Helen, out of interest why do you think you need to increase?

Do you get any sides at that dose?

I dont feel that 90mg will fully reduce my symptoms and I may need to increase

Not really, dry mouth initially and very drowsy in the evening but nothing major

Ah. I always find this a trade off. I still experience symptoms with Amitriptyline but they rarely stop me living a normal life now. And I decided to consider the other end: the higher the dose the harder to come off if and when symptoms start to drop significantly enough to suggest remission. I’m ever hopeful!!! And will require less recompensation if you’ve kept the dose lower …

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Mmmm, had to go home sick twice last week from work due to symptoms so not really leading a normal life at the mo but optimistic i can feel better than this!. Im probably feeling 60% at present.

Helen, me too but it does improve. Work has been very understanding for me. I was out two and a half days this week but not been out for two months before.

Remind me, how long have you been ill?

I’m a year in to chronic phase and initially it got worse but last 6 months I appear to have turned a corner and it’s been slowly improving if with occasional relapse. This recent relapse was a stinker but amazingly I’ve sprung back almost to trend line

I started with symptoms three and a half years ago but wasnt diagnosed until a year later so was off sick from work for 7 months as couldnt drive. As soon as I started taking the Nort my symptoms improved after around 4 weeks so i was lucky that i had success with the first medication my consultant tried with me. This forum has helped me alot as I dont know anybody that has had this condition.

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Agreed. This forum is a life saver. I hope things improve for you very soon Helen.

It may be that some of your improvement is you healing too :slight_smile:

I will be starting nort tomorrow as I taper off Celexa. Curious how long you guys were tired from the drug?

I would say the first few weeks you will feel drowsy, for me i would struggle to keep my eyes open after 8.30pm! The drowsiness is bearable though and then your body seems to get used to it. I remember when i first started taking it i initially felt worse but then after approx 4 weeks i started to feel a whole lot better i could of cried! Obviously all of these drugs affect people in different ways but for me the Nort has been great. Hope that helps.

I had similar experience with Ami. Take it at 9:30pm. Very drowsy at first but less so after a few weeks. Sleep much better since taking it.


I’m really late here but I’m on 100mg with the possibility of increasing up to 150mg

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I am currently on 100mg and doing ok. Ive only been taking it for 2 weeks so may not have had the full benefit. Are u under a consultant? Would you go up in increments of 10mg to get to 150mg? Dont you feel that the 100mg is controlling your symptoms enough? Sorry! So many questions!

I have an appointment with my consultant next Monday to discuss the next step. Last time I was on the nortriptyline I only needed 75mg for 12 months then did two years meds free. I’ll either go up to 150 or add in topirimate I think as that’s what he suggests last time :slight_smile:

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