Nose Dive

The past week or so has seen my condition dive to a new level

I have increased rocking to the point it is VERY uncomfortable to walk without being totally freaked. Stationary this rocking is also bad.

I haven’t missed a day of work in years, as Im very resistant to not giving up, but today I was totally beaten and had a meltdown in tears.

I can’t identify the trigger. I was in the toilet last week, and had an intense increase in rocking come over me, and felt like I was very bouncy while moving around after that.

It remains with me. I’ve had sensations like this before, but now its constant. This is the worst I’ve felt in 10 years with this.

It could be the mixture of nori (20mg) with Citalopram (10mg), but not sure how likely that is. I’m considering dumping the nori to see if it makes a difference, or adding more to get up to 40mg.

I can’t currently work, and its the one thing that has always kept me going in tough times.

Any advice, or anyone experienced similar?


Hi Luke,

Really sorry to read that you’ve been feeling so crap and that things have taken a turn for the worse. Not that it’s any consolation, but it happens to us all - that’s why we’re here after all. The good news is, we pull out of it. I’ve been there, and I’ve pulled out of it.

Personally, I don’t know how helpful it is hunting around for triggers. The culprit is your migraine brain :frowning: . But, it’s a bad patch and you’ll come good.

In terms of advice. If it were me, I’d try taking a reasonable dose of Valium tonight and see if that breaks the back of it/acts as a bit of a circuit breaker to stop the decline and start moving things forward. And then make sure you’re doing all the boring but necessary things - the regular sleep schedule, the no booze, no caffeine, the clean diet etc and be patient. Tinker with the meds. Hold on, it always gets better.


Hi Vic

Thanks for the advice.

I’m going to see my GP, so I’ll ask him about Valium today. I’m also going to see if I can get a private referral to see Dr S, to see what med regimes he recommends.

I normally don’t freak out this much, but the constant sensation of bouncing hard while walking is just horrendous. I really hope it settles down soon.

I’ve been off the booze and ‘bad’ food since Xmas, so all good there.



Hey mate – look forward to hearing how you go with Dr S. It’s gotta be all the changes in drugs sending you off the rails.