Not a real Good Day

Went to the dentist and had to have three teeth pulled today so this has not been a very good day…really feel off today wonder what has caused it …jut having the teeth pulled, heighten anxiety , the numbing stuff …I do not know but I am much more dizzy or wavy than I have been in a while…think I need a nap or lay down…hope this does not linger…argh

So sorry your having a bad day!!! try not to let it get to you!!! In know when I let them get to me it makes it worse. I’ll be thinking of you.

Thanks this has really set me off today and I had been doing pretty well the last several weeks…

Do you all think that my dental work today could have really set this off so bad it is worse than it has been in months and I am getting very anxious this afternoon thinking I am going back to square one…I had to have my teeth pulled due to infection …could it be that the infection has made it worse…I feel like I want to cry…

I for one certainly do think your dentist visit has a LOT to do with your bad day! I have been told that I have TMJ and I know that on my bad days I clench my teeth more and it just makes everything even worse! People without this have a hard enough time getting teeth pulled, so I’m sure it’s going to affect you more. Don’t get too down!! It’s so hard to come back, don’t let anxiety make it worse!

Timeless- I am so sorry to hear this. I know how thrilled you were to be feeling better. Please remember that you got better before - you WILL AGAIN. I am confident that this setback is temporary.

Thank you ladies, I so hope that you are right Lisa…I have been in the bed most of the day and I just hate this…Plus I am have not been able to eat much of anything today either…sorry to be whiney I was just doing so much better.

Hi Timeless –– I’m not at all surprised you’re feeling wrecked after the teeth being pulled plus the use of anesthetic. If I even use a topical gel for mouth ulcers I feel dizzier from it. I think this migraine madness makes us all really sensitive to all sorts of stuff.

Can you knock back a few valium while the storm blows through? You’ll be fine and return to baseline for sure.

Scott :slight_smile:

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Things are better today; anxiety is just a bit more worse than normal. The ordeal with the teeth this week set it off…also knowing that I have to get them all pulled at some point makes it worse.