Not a success story yet, But


You’re absolutely right about spending 80 bucks a month to have my life back. It’s a lot of money for me but I have to look at it that way. I feel as if I almost have it back. A lot of times throughout the day I do have my life back. I’m starting to notice some things that weren’t good before, like walking in a dark room used to wreck havoc for me, now dark rooms are easier to handle and I don’t get panicky when I’m in one. Life is getting easier right now. I just hope it sticks.

If you feel like you can try the Intramax, I say go for it. But beware of some of the ingredients that are in it as there are some migraine triggers in there. They must not be triggers for me, but if they are for you I imagine you’ll know pretty quickly. My dizziness didn’t get worse when I first started it, but it made me really tired all day for almost 2 weeks. I called the company and told them that and they told me it was normal to be tired at first but you’ll get used to it and when the tiredness lifted, that’s when I started noticing the big changes. Mainly my baseline dizziness is almost me being where I was before MAV started for me.

I will keep you posted and keep me posted too if you decide to try it.

Thanks for all the support and the info everyone.


Greg -

I love reading a good success story! I firmly believe that a positive story like this gives other readers on this site that there is still hope for relief. I hope you continue to feel great!!! Keep us updated dude!!!


theres no doubt people have varing degrees of vertigo and migraine, some will be cured, some will get to managable point and some will not. For me personally im glad youve posted about this, im trying it ,not because i think it will help with vertigo but help will with other things. I actually find that its more cost effective than buying individual vitiams. For me i dont believe i have trigers. I certainly dont always eat correctly and am not that healthy. Im still getting some blood test for other issues that all happened with the vertigo so i be interested to see if theres any change in that area. I believe that vertigo isnt well understood by medicos so Im glad people post whats worked for them so it can be a maybe ill try or maybe not. So thanks greg for your story, ill be interested to see if you get to your 100% let us know

Here’s another product you guys might consider for an all rounder that people seem to love in Sydney. I can say this: it tastes great.

[size=130]Vital Greens[/size]

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Hi Scott…looks interesting. I like how they list each ingredient separately with a detailed description. Have you given it more than a taste test? I am interested in your thoughts about its affect on our MAV syptoms. I’ve tried too many drugs and supplements that I would be afraid it would make me go into a total relapse since right now I am functioning at about 65%.
Take care, Karen

Hi Karen,

Unfortunately for me it gave me a cracking headache on each of the three times I trialled it. I was gutted because it’s so loaded with goodies and tastes so damned good. But then, most things I ingest give me headaches so don’t let that put you off.

It’s not cheap either but it is somewhat cheaper than Intramax.

Let me know if you give it a go.

S :slight_smile:

This stuff has got B3 (Niacin) in it, so thats me finished before I start. Niacin dilates blood vessels which is very obvious to me as every time I have tried it in the past I get migraine. B6 makes me really irritable, I didnt really go much further as there are over 400 ingredients (from what I read briefly).


Interestingly, B6 I believe is one of th main players in converting amino acids to serotonin. Lack of B6 can cause depression. They say B2 for migraine, and B12 is essential, and most people lack…my doctor said if I didn’t take any vitamins at all, be sure to at least take a multi B vitamin…
I’m so bad about taking vitamins…between the smell and the costs, that’s why Intramax seems like a quick fix to get your goodies on.

And Scott can get a trigger from watching a commercial about coffee, so you can’t go off him. :slight_smile: Just kiddin Scott …you know we all love you!

Kelley, you are correct. The number of times I felt I needed the B vits. Yet everytime I take a B complex I am in trouble.
Doesnt makes sense. But I am like that, often the things I feel are lacking are the things that then cause me trouble. I get a B12 jab every 12 weeks and have bad migraines for a week after, every time. Tried a load of B2 as well, and that caused me problems.

Any vits or even antibiotics from the dr. I end up tipping half the amount into a veg capsule :roll:


This was an interesting story…I

Glad you are doing well.

Can intramax be taken with nortriptyline? kayera.

Hi Greg,
I was just reading your story and saw how Imitrex helps you. It does me too! More than anything else. Not just with the migraine pain but with the vertigo too. I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. I obviously can’t go around taking Imitrex all the time but I’m curious why it makes me feel sooooo much better. How are you doing? Have you found any more meds to help?

Hello Elisha,
You take intramax to, ( vitamin supplement ) ? How does it work for you?
Not sure if it’s a hoax or not, but I was looking for a good vitamin and what not. It is spendy though.

Sorry, I read this too quickly, I take Imitrex (triptan). I’m interested in the vitamin supplement though. I’m going to look into it.