Not a success story yet, But

Hi all,

Just a quick recap about myself here. About a year and a half ago I started feeling dizzy for no reason. No big bang that set it off, just started to feel off balance and it gradually got worse until I ended up in the hospital about 6 months after it started. I was diagnosed with MAV and started on Nortryptaline. I was on it for about 8 weeks and felt it wasn’t working for me, so I got off it. Then I tried cleaning up my diet and exercising regularly. But with MAV always hanging around, it made it hard for me to stay consistant with my plan and ended up failing numerous times. I also was trying and trialing all kinds of different vitamins, minerals and herbal stuff. No Luck. So then about 3 months ago I tried pericatin as a preventative. I was on that for about 8 weeks before noticing no improvement and dumped that too.

About 2 months ago I started taking a multivitamin called Intramax. I trained for a 5k and ran it a few weeks ago. But I did not train very much at all for it. I ran the route maybe about 5 times only. I have not jogged in 2 weeks. Anyway, for some reason my dizziness symptoms have been going away. I can now walk without feeling uncomfortable most of the day. I actually started feeling pretty well about 3 weeks ago. Then I had a setback getting a lot of visual vertigo and some ear symptoms. But just a week before that, I felt nearly normal for about 5 days.

Well now my setback has lifted and I’m on another 5 days of basically almost dizzy free. I can now notice that the MAV goes in a big long cycle for me. But with my baseline dizziness before, I couldn’t tell that. My baseline now has been terrific. And it’s never been this good since this whole thing started.

The only thing I can contribute my success so far, is the Intramax I’m taking. There is no other reason that I can think of. I have had a very shitty diet lately and I haven’t been exercising a whole lot. Just for that 5k. My sleep has kind of been all over the place, so there is no reason I should be feeling any better at all. But yet here I am almost dizziless.

So now my plan is to start exercising 3-5 time, clean up the diet and sleep better. This time I’m going to be expecting to get worse again before getting better once i start this plan. And when I say getting better, I mean see ya later MAV. I will have to fight through it and keep going if I wanna beat this. I really do believe the extra boost from this plan will knock it out for me. I mean, it’s almost gone now and I haven’t really done a thing other than take my Intramax.

It’s almost like watching a boxing match when you see a boxer just barely standing and the other takes one last swing and knocks him out cold. That’s where I feel I have MAV right now. The MAV is just barely standing. I really wanna wind up good and blast it as hard as I can and knock it out.

This demon of an illness has taken 1 year and half away from me now I’m on the verge of being free of it. I can’t wait. To be honest, I never thought I’d see my dizziness improve as well as it has lately in my life again. I’m not 100%. But there are plenty of times throughout my day that are 100%. The last 5 days I have been overall about 98%. With lots of 100% mixed in here and there throughout the day.

I’m not on any meds, just the Intramax, a good attitude and a lot of hope right now. I’m almost there, so wish me luck. If anyone out there wants to ask me anything about the intramax, feel free. This is the only stuff that I’ve gotten relief from. And I’ve tried quite a bit of shit. I have not tried a whole lot of meds though. Just Nort and Peri. I’ve always wanted to beat this without the pharmacy. Never thought it could be done, but now I’m thinking differently.

I know changing my lifestyle is gonna give me a setback. But I’m ready for it more than I ever have been in the past. So here I go. I hope everyone else is also doing better or on there way. Thanks


Thanks for sharing this. AWESOME to hear it!! I think I mentioned I have that in my fridge right now and it’s amazing stuff…I just was lazy with taking it. It could certainly be that your brain was lacking some needed mineral or vitamin, and that did a number on the ways the brain is supposed to work and this helped the pathways again. There are docs who feel that most every disease can be linked to diet…not only what we put in that’s bad, but what we aren’t adding, that’s needed…HUGE FACTOR in health. Of course our genes are the key, but I have always felt that if I went 42 years without MAV, then how come I can’t get back there?
THanks for sharing!


Nice to hear from you. Yea, I feel like I’m starting to come around and getting back to normal again. Almost there but still have some work to do.

As far as some missing vitamins in my diet. Maybe I was, but I had been trying different multi’s and b2 and magnesium, but none of that stuff made any difference at all. I don’t know if it’s the way the Intramax gets into your system or what, but this stuff has made more of a difference than anything. I know Intramax has something in it called Fulvic acid, which apparently every human should be getting and is not in the average diet. It’s a liquid multi so apparently it’s highly absorbed. But really, I don’t care what’s in it or how it’s working, all I know is that it’s doing the trick for me right now. Maybe it’s the answer for me-or maybe not. So far it is.

I didn’t mention all the other stuff it has helped me out with because I know this board is for MAV and I kind of want stay to the point when I’m here. But this stuff has been giving me more energy, taking away aches and pains and a bunch of other minor things. I just had a feeling after it was fixing the minor stuff, that eventually it would start helping my inner ear/brain or whatever is causing my constant dizziness. And so far it has been plugging away on everything.

Are you taking Intramax right now?


Hi Greg,

Very interesting story and great that you’re feeling better. So Intramax eh? What’s in the one you’re taking exactly? Is it just a combo of vitamins and minerals? There certainly doesn’t seem to be any other factor does there unless it’s just a big coincidence. As Kelley said, maybe you were deficient in something and that was your trigger.

It sounds like you are in a relatively robust place being able to run 5 km out of the blue without any training. If I did that it would be curtains for me in a very big way. This is not the way a migraineur typically reacts following a blast of exercise.

It’s always great to hear that things are getting better for someone - it gives me hope!

I recognize there is no magic fix that will work for all of us, but I do agree with Kelly that on an individual basis, our bodies are telling us that something is lacking. I never experienced dizziness or episodes of extreme vertigo until age 56 and I know that as we age, our systems lose abilities to produce enzymes, hormones, etc., as well as deal with environmental stresses. Even our immune systems degrade and cannot deal with virus and bacterial invasions at the same level we once did. I guess that’s why for some people, the dietary change with exercise is enough, whereas others need something more to make our systems function more normally. Here’s hoping we all find what we need :!:


There is Intramax, Intramin and Intrakid. Intramax is the big combo that you were referring to. Intramin is just minerals and Intrakid is the same as Intramax but just for kids. The company only makes those 3 products. Definatley worth looking further in to. On their site they list what’s in it, but they also mention how everything is all organic and antioxidants and yada yada yada. Basically a bunch of talk that goes in one ear and out the other ear to me. All I know is so far this stuff works and there are quite a few reviews that are favorable for it (even though that don’t mean a thing either), but one thing I noticed is that they don’t do a whole lot of advertising all over the place. So they don’t seem like a flash in the pan product either. It’s been around since 1999 so it has a little history and they’re still in business so that’s a good sign for it’s effectiveness maybe. They need someone to do their marketing or something because I think they’re lacking there big time. You can’t really find a whole lot of info on the net other than their site. You can buy it on amazon, in fact that is where I seen the reviews other than their site.

Maybe I am lacking some vitamin or whatever. I’ve tried plenty of different types of vitamins and have never had this result. This stuff has given me a kind of energy that I’ve never seen before in any supplement or vitamin or anything else I’ve ever taken. I honestly don’t get it. Without the Intramax I would have been plastered by doing the 5k. Especially without much training for it. But it was not the case. I handled it quite well. I remember after the 3rd time I ran the 5k route when I was training for it, afterwards I felt that I could even go longer and i wasn’t out of it when I was jogging. That was the first time I wasn’t dizzy hardly at all during my jog. But the next few jogs after that I was. But it wasn’t terrible. Basically the same dizziness as before. The day of the 5k I felt great afterwards and all day.

I will keep you posted on my progress. I am definatley expecting setbacks for a little while once I start this plan. Yea, I definately feel i can avoid being on a med right now. But I also know how quick that can change too. I just have to stay focused here.


Yea, everyone is so different with migraine, even if you have the same symptoms as someone, the treatment might not work the same for those 2 people. I very well could be deficient in something, maybe that’s why the Intramax has helped so much. My first breakthrough I noticed was after one of my jogs. I noticed during the jog and after the jog that something good has just happened and I immediately thought that it was the effects from the intramax starting to kick in because I’ve jogged plenty of times while having MAV and this time was significantly different than any other time. Very breakthrough for me. It literally felt as if someone took a piece of my brain and reattached it again for a few days. I actually felt connected to myself again. Since I’ve had MAV, I’ve always felt like I’ve been in a dream or brain foggy. All cylinder’s seem to be starting to work again. Not all the way there yet, but seeing more and more times of the day where I’m feeling this connection.


Its weird, but when I take the Intramax with my ssri I get a lot dizzier!!! Intramax has SAM E and i thin a little st johns wart or 5 htp in it so maybe there is some kind of interaction:( Your story is so inspiring I wish I could jump on board with you. Maybe I will have to try it again if I ever go off the ssri.

Hi Jen,

I Googled Intramax and it has everything in it except the kitchen sink and appears on about the first 400,000 Google entries. I didn’t see any mention about SAME in there. If I took a supplement like this I’d be guaranteed the headache from hell and probably feel very nauseated as well. Been down that track before, spent thousands (literally) and it did nada for me except make things worse.

While I’m really glad to hear that Greg feels better lately, there’s nothing about this product that differs from any other highly marketed VMS product out there claiming to heal disease (remember the PXP miracle?). As mentioned before, you can pick up other supplements if you feel this is where your problem might lie for a fraction of the cost on a site like iHerb. Be aware that Intramax pricing is ludicrously high – even on Amazon – at 80 bucks a bottle.

Lastly, the only supplements and/or minerals with some real evidence behind them for migraine prophylaxis are magnesium, B2 and CoQ10. The rest I’d take with a grain of salt (no joke intended).

Migraine for Dummies says that migraine management with nothing but herbal remedies and supplements ranks right up there with cleaning up an Exxon oil spill with a box of Kleenex.

S 8)

Hey Greg,

It is awesome that you are feeling so well. What a relief!

I can think of a couple of other possibilities for why you are feeling so good, other than the Intramax, or perhaps as well as the Intramax. The first could be spontaneous remission. It’s happened to me in the past - the MAV just gradually went away all on its own. The other possibility would be your exercise regimen and lifestyle clean up. You’re a young, fit guy, who before MAV hit was healthy and and jogging regularly. You started your jogging again back in March. You cleaned up your diet as well. Maybe that got you back on track…or at least played a part?

Or, it could be just the Intramax. But you would be pretty much the only person we know of who has gone into remission simply by using a VMS alone. On the other hand there’s solid evidence that exercise, diet and sleep all really do help.

I’m not suggesting people don’t try a multi VMS, or Intramax specifically - I certainly don’t think it’s going to do anyone any harm. I just think it’s probably a combination of things that’s done the trick.


Hi Greg
Did you do the gradual protocol or just dive in and start taking the Intramax alone?? I have been reading about the product on the manufacturer’s site Drucker Labs - it’s rather interesting reading. I’ve been looking for much more hypoallergenic supplements that don’t contain gluten, fish oil, etc. and was intrigued by the vast amount of ingredients on the label. I’m happy to hear someone has been able to improve, if even in a spontaneous remission, by using supplements, diet, and vigorous exercise. The phytonutrients in Intramax alone should help most of us. However, like Scott, given the amount of food trigger components in these formulas I would most likely catapult into migraine hell… But, it’s so tempting to get out my credit card one more time! Please keep us posted.


I haven’t cleaned up my diet yet. I’ve been eating crap for a while now. The only exercise I’ve been doing was training for the 5k starting in the middle of August and the 5k was on Sept. 11th. And I only ran the route about 5 times. Now back in March, April and May, I was eating healthier and jogging about 4 times a week. But by mid may the dizziness and jogging began to be to much for me and I quit. I actually fell off the diet at the beginning of April. The reason I was able to handle the 5k was probably a combination of the intramax and the fact that I had already built up some cardiovascular longevity earlier in the year. I sure hope I’m just going into a remission.


I did not start any protocol when I began, I just started taking 1/2 an ounce twice a day. The first 2 weeks I was on it, I noticed a few improvements in other area’s of my body but not the dizziness. I was really tired for at first, but once it was in me all the time after 2 weeks, I started to notice mainly more energy-a lot more, then the dizziness got noticebly better and it was sticking. Then I had a setback and was had some pretty bad visual vertigo for about 10 days or so. Then I came around again and I’ve noticed my baseline dizziness is me actually almost normal for the better part of the day.


The weird thing is about this whole thing is that i TOTALLY agree with what you’re saying. I’m usually pretty skeptical about stuff like this. 400,00 google entries, I guess I was wrong about it not being totally all over the net, that sounds like a lot. The cost is crazy-I agree. As far as the ingredients in there that cause migraine-did’nt know that either. That’s actually pretty disturbing. Maybe I should try to find out in there what’s doing the trick and go to iherb. I’m more worried now that if I stop taking it, I’ll have a major relapse and back to where I was before. I did try coq10 and b2 and magnesium at the same time for about 4 months and those never helped the dizziness. There must be something else in there that I’m not getting that i need. I just haven’t got a clue… But if I can get away from shelling out 80 bucks a month, that would be sweeeeet!


Hi Greg
I perused the ingredients list and there is such a humongous amount of phytonutrients, trace minerals, vasodilator herbs, pain reliever herbs (feverfew), herbs for the adrenals (licorice and ginseng), TONS of antioxidants, amino acids, extracts for immunity (arabinogalactan - expensive!), it is scrubbed of all the tops allergens and additives, and YES - it does contain 1,000 mcg SAMe (listed on the label at the end of Other Nutrients, continued).

The website discusses the detox goals a lot with these products, thus the use of the suggested protocols. So, it’s amazing, Greg that you sort of jumped right in and were able to pursue through. I happen to believe that we’d all be healthier if our original continuing diets had been cleaner, etc. but I really don’t know how to rapidly clean all that up at midlife if much of the damage may have already been done. It’s probably possible to dramatically improve if you have a large bank account and the world’s best scientific/nutritionist/dietician minds out there.

So, I think for the “average” rundown person (whatever that means) this might be wonderful. For many of us with food triggers/sensitivities galore it could be a 4-day migraine nightmare setback, I’m just not sure. I think before I ever tried it, I would call and correspond with their company research ‘expert’ listed on the website because I personally don’t have the immune system to fight back from a large setback right now. And, my allergist would probably nix the whole thing on the spot. Still, I really want to reach for my credit card…

Greg - you can be our Test Case. I’ve dealt with what seems to be MADizziness for 4 years. You may have caught yours early enough to improve/recover this way. Personally, if I could stay stable for $80 a month on no meds, I’d do it in a heartbeat!!
Thoughts out there?

Hi Gail,

While I can’t know for sure whether or not Greg is feeling better because of Intramax, I remain highly skeptical. These products are all over the Internet and in health food stores. This one has all the buzz words attached like we see time and time again. Natural, break through, detox, antioxidant, etc, etc. They leave everyone with the unproven assumption that our bodies are “run down” through poor nutrition and thus need their break through cocktail. Or we are “toxic.” Try and ask one of these sales reps or associated doctors what the toxins are exactly and you’ll never get an answer because there isn’t one. The whole toxic thing is a very successful myth as is the word “natural” in making people think a treatment is safe and somehow more effective.

What gets on my nerves with these products is the way in which they play on our vulnerable positions. It’s so easy to get sucked into the VMS cure. I’ve been sucked in myself.

Anyway, my two cents. Maybe Kellley can use up her bottle and let us know if it 1) makes her feel significantly better or 2) creates $80 urine.

Best … Scott 8)

Hi Scott
You gotta wonder. I must say that what always creeps me out is when the product advertises “detox”… oh, man - I run the other way. After 3 years of CFS/Fibro “treatments”, I got tired of being told that I should be glad to be experiencing detox or Herxheimer “die off” symptoms. It was horrific, meanwhile they overlooked my food reactions and declining globulin levels. Though, isn’t this what goes on with meds?? Aren’t people told all the time that we need to get used to the side effects of these chemicals we have to ingest just to try to lead semi-normal functioning lives? Sheesh. Some trade off. Well, I really hope that Greg is an exception here. Gotta keep us posted, Greg! But I will definitely hold onto my wallet and save my $80 for the next lab test that my other doctor overlooked while I was detoxing.
Gail : )
P.S. Forgot to mention - great avatar, Scott. Hilarious.


I don’t want people to shell out 80 bucks a month on something that has been so far working for me. We all know that different meds and different things work differently for everyone. Maybe I was never as bad as most of you here, but what I do know is that my dizziness is real, very real to the point that I can’t think it away. Believe me I’ve tried. I may be deficient in something. When I was at U of M hospital, I was there for 3 days in there ER, they took my blood more times than I can count. They came to the conclusion that I don’t have any noticable diabetes, blood pressure is good for the most part and they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Of course I had every balance test you can think of and ultimatley my diagnose was migraine dizziness. They started me on Nort, when that didn’t work, I kind of felt as if I were on my own. My GP isn’t very knowledgeable about MAV, in fact he’d never heard of it before.

I can only say that during the last month and a half, I am slowly getting back to normal. And the only thing that I really have been doing, is taking Intramax. There is NO other reason for my success right now. The few times I’ve jogged in the last month or so does NOT warrant the success I’ve been having. My diet is basically pizza and taco bell daily. NO JOking. Pretty much, that’s it.

I feel a little bad about bringing Intramax up, because now that I know Intramax actually has migraine triggers in it, I really don’t want anyone trying this stuff if it’s gonna only make things worse. Maybe my migraine is a lot more easier to control, but I don’t think so. I’m not gonna forget the depression i went through and the false hope of everything else I’ve tried to get rid of my dizziness. No, my dizziness is very real and I have not been able to channel it until now.

Scott, I know you’re bringing up a lot of things that say antioxidant, detox and the whole bit that are just marketing scams-and I agree. The whole natural thing has never meant shit to me. And detox??? what the hell is that anyway? I really don’t buy any of that shit. I’m just a regular guy who happened to start feeling dizzy on a daily basis and have been searching for a way out out of this dizzy hell. When my friend told me about this stuff, I bought it and let it sit in my fridge for about 6 months cause I was skeptical and didn’t want to start something that was going to cost me 80 bucks a month.

But when the periactin didn’t get me anywhere, I felt as “what the hell do I have to lose”, here we go. And so far, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Intramax has gotten me further toward a non dizzy life than ANYTHING I’ve tried yet. I’m not out of the woods yet but I can definatly function a whole lot better than before.

So this is me, and this is what has been working for me, and I don’t know what else to say. A lot of you know me here and know that I’m not here to sell you some bullshit or scam you into buying some scam idea to get rid of you’re dizziness. I’ve been on this forum for quite some time now and I surely hope no one thinks that that’s what I’m doing here. I have gotten a lot of knowledge on this board and am truly greatfull for all of that.

The only thing I can do is, add in a healthy diet and some consistant exercise and see if i can knock this shit out of me. I really do feel as if I’m almost there, but I also know I need the support of this board. The talk about Intramax has kind of ruined this whole thing for me and I really don’t want to start second guessing it because I just know it’s gotten me to where I am right now. I don’t how, but it has and I can’t think otherwise cause I’m afraid if I dropped it right now I’d go back to where I was before.

So please support me on my journey with my diet and exercise regime cause if I fail again, I will be trying more meds or whatever it takes to make me 100%. Like I said, i’m not out of the woods yet and I feel as if I can go on right now without meds, but i also know that could change real quick.


Hey Greg,

Hand on heart, I sincerely wish you well and am so happy you are feeling better.

I really hope you don’t feel like anyone’s having a go at you over the Intramax thing. As I’m sure you can appreciate (and have probably seen) every now and then people do try and plug a miracle cure and with everyone being so vulnerable, we have to be cautious.

I think I speak for everyone when I say you have our support. :smiley:


— Begin quote from ____

I think I speak for everyone when I say you have our support.

— End quote

Most definitely. Regardless of everything else, we’re rooting for you Greg and will continue to follow your journey with enormous interest. All the very best.


Vic and Brenda,

No I don’t think anyones having a go at me, I just don’t want people here thinking that I’m trying to plug some kind of miracle. I’m just letting everyone know what is helping me at the moment. As much as it may not seem, I really do think Scott’s advise on not throwing a bunch of money at things like Intramax is great advise. It’s probably a good thing that he chimed in on this thread just in case a ton of people started buying this stuff and having a go themselves hoping for a miracle.

I sure don’t want people to try it and possibly get worse. He’s been down a similar road that I’m on right now and it didn’t work out for him and it cost him a bit. Everyones different and that’s just that. There are people on here that have gone to chiropractor and got relief. I’ve tried that too and I got nowhere, but there are some that swear by it. I personally don’t buy into that either. Waste of money for me.

Scott, I know you’re not trying grill me and I know you’re happy for me right now. I know you’re just bringing the facts to the table here and you should. Just cause it’s helping me doesn’t mean it’s gonna help everyone. If that were the case, There would be no forum anymore and everyone with migraine would be on Intramax and free of migraine. That would be a perfect world, but that isn’t reality. It may help some, but not everyone.

I would love to find something similar that is at least half the price cause it is a lot. But also scared to stop it in case I relapse.


I’m so very happy for you that you found something that has worked. I am of the belief that things in the body break down because of what is or what isn’t in our diets…that is the fuel that we feed our “engines”, and todays food supply is shit…I know that missing something slight can have an effect on how our bodies are supposed to work. Maybe we can get by with it for a long time thanks to youth and genes, but basically as we get older and our serotonin declines, our enzymes needed to break down foods start to decline…our hormones decline…it sets up to let what used to work, not work anymore.
I paid almost $400 for my Cymbalta before my new insureance covered it. $80 is a bargain to have your life back…good for you!! I’m going to try it again as mine has expired. I am certainly not expecting anything, but open that I may have more energy and that I’m doing something good for my body. Instead of 10 vitamin bottles on my shelf, it is getting loads of vitamins and minerals in a liquid form, and I think it couldn’t hurt. But if I do get dizzier, I’ll send you mine!! :slight_smile: