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Not Meniere's

This particular attack is definitely not Meniere’s related. My hearing has been terrible for the last three days, can’t use the phone, misunderstanding people, can’t tell where sounds are coming from, etc… Late this morning, I started falling ALL OVER the place, which led to a nasty dizzy spell. :cry:

Here’s the funny thing, I have a dual diagnoses of bilateral Meniere’s and MAV. With Meniere’s from everything I have read, most hearing loss comes at the time of an attack. When the dizzy spell hit, I actually got most, if not all of my hearing back. :?: I didn’t notice it at first until I laid down on the couch and noticed that the TV sounded right for the first time in several days.

I’ve never thought of the hearing loss as a form of migraine aura, but this is the first time I’ve had such an abrupt improvement. Time that with a dizzy spell, and it seems to fit the pattern of persistent aura. Just a thought. :roll: