NOW I find fluorescents affecting me; MAYBE fluorescents

I don’t work in an office and I haven’t experienced any problems I could trace to lighting. Til today.

I’m quite underslept, which of course increases my vulnerability.

I had a doctor’s appointment, for a minor skin biopsy, and as I waited with the nurse in an examining room I felt major aura-ish: queasiness, dizziness, some headache. I lay down on the exam table and covered my eyes. This moderated the effect. When we left for the room where the procedure was to take place, I stopped at a water fountain, and the drink restored me to normalcy. However, in the procedure room I started to feel bad again.

I have no opinion on whether the proximal cause was the fluorescents qua fluorescents or whether it was their brightness. On the one hand, they keep examination rooms very bright. On the other, I had just walked there, and had no trouble from the (modest level of) sunshine. But of course waiting is different from walking purposively.

The previous occasion, I felt bad, wanted to lie down, but toughed it out because I figured the doc was going to come any minute.

Very unfortunate choice. That time I ended up going over the top, which for me means spacing out and twitching–technically, having a seizure.

You mentioned you were underslept, which likely put you at risk. You know “whitecoat syndrome” when it comes to BP measurement? Maybe you experienced something similar with the lights. Perhaps you were more anxious/on edge than usual because it was a doctor’s appt (even just slightly) which could have lowered your threshold to the lights further. I know I can tolerate fluorescents or bright lights much better on a day when I’m relaxed because my symptoms are fairly low :slight_smile: