Numb Face?

When I am symptomatic (worse than my “normal” off balance feeling), two major issues hit me:

  1. I get a numbing sensation in my face, particulary my lips and chin. This does not last too long, maybe 4-5 hours.

  2. The tinnuitis in my ears increases exponentially…as if my brain is buzzing on overdrive.

Started the MAV diet 2 days ago…today my face is numb as hell :frowning:

I realize that a MAV diagnosis is somewhat subjective and a matter of ruling out other disorders.

That being said, does the numbing issue sound like a MAV symptom? I have no idea what else would cause such an odd side-effect?

Uggghhh :shock:

Numbness in my face and arm were the most significant and frightening symptoms I used to have with migraine (with aura).I get it less now the other symptoms have taken over but medication has also helped reduce it. There are numerous conditions that can cause numbness - have you been diagnosed with MAV?