Numbness in arms and legs

During a flare up does anyone get weird numbness and weakness in arms and legs? My VM is bad as i’ve recently had a bad virus. I’ve been having feelings in my legs and arms as if I’ve been laying on them and they’ve gone to sleep. I’ve also had problems with my hands coordinating with my brain; typing this they feel very heavy and slow…

I went to the doctor on Monday but she didn’t really test anything reflex or neurological wise and was a bit useles. Just said oh it’s probaby just related to the virus…

Let’s start with - see another doctor. It may be nothing, but we migraineurs are more prone to stroke. We are also more prone to other types of neuropathy. See a neurologist.

That said, my auras are basilar (brainstem). A bad bout has me numb and heavy all over.

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Thank you - I have been swaying a bit left and right today too, and whenever I go for a wee my feet feel a bit numb and weird!

It’s very common here to hear that, but if it’s new or increased, the rule of thumb is get it checked medically.

Yup - when this all first started for me I used to get weird numb patches inside my legs and down my calves. My feet would tingle all the time as well

Doctor thought it was MS but all scans were clear. It’s since gone away now. VM has so many different ways it can exhibit, it really varies from person to person. But it seems like it affects all functions

Yeah the neurological impacts are nuts. On the plus side it reveals the ‘machines’ that we are which I’ve found fascinating when I’ve been able to be philosophical about it. Which is not easy!!!

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I did, too! It was like a numbness on the back of my legs and sometimes it felt wet. That was at least two years ago. Yet another odd thing that’s MAV after all. Thanks for connecting the dots for me!

yeah, i’ve had that. it’s horrible. it’s a symptom of brainstem migraine, of which MAV is also a type i believe. i’ve had days when i can hardly walk, and when i just keep dropping stuff, feels really weird. thought i was getting MS for a while. or aliens were taking over my body. it went away when i started on pizotifen and the episodes grew milder. hasn’t happened in a long time now. it was scary though, when it first happened.

my GP had no idea what it was. he did his best (which was looking on google!).

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oh god it’s horrible isn’t it! I’m going to raise it with Dr S tomorrow.

Does anyone get this on one side of their body only? I started getting this a couple of weeks ago, commencing with a weird heavy feeling left leg which now sometimes feels weak and often tingles. Even had a bout of toe twitching! Currently my left arm has started to feel heavy and weak and like my fine motor skills on that hand are less.

I haven’t necessarily been able to align this with a precursor to a bout of migraine as I get short sharp headaches that are not necessarily related to my level of dizziness (not traditional vertigo). Plus, I feel crap all the time anyway ha.

So of course my anxiety says I have a neuropathy of some sort. I’ll be bringing it up with my doctor this week but was curious if anyone else had a similar experience?

Not something I’ve ever experienced as yet but I did run a search and there are a surprisingly large number of relating entries from the past.

If you aren’t a truly classic migraineur to date how does this numbness tie in date wise with starting the Candesartan might I ask because I suspect the doctor soon will.

The leg started just prior but the arm is more noticeable since starting. I do suspect it’s neurological somehow rather than the candesartan but :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Again there are plenty of older posts relating to ‘heavy’ limbs as part of the condition. Would seem an peculiar side effect from a medication designed to reduce blood pressure. Be very interested to hear what the Doc has to say about it.

After doing all the relevant checks about limb strength etc, the doctor agrees that it’s likely related to aura. She said I should have a chat to the neurologist to see what he thinks, but I’m going to wait a few days and see if these symptoms reduce as they seem to be doing so already.

An update…the neurologist says that the numbness in the left arm and leg is likely aura related as it comes and goes. He said if it was due to blood flow issues to the right side of the brain or other neurological issues related to the neck it would likely be constant. But I shall monitor and see how it goes. Crazy the kinds of aura things that can happen!