Just wondering if anyone else has issues with numbness in their face (cheeks) and tip of their nose. I am having this weird symptom today! :? Along with the usual buzzing in my scalp!


Yep - I’ve had numbness - mostly in hands.


This is a really weird illness - My scalp has buzzed for 2 days now! Numbness in face and nose gone - Hands have been ok so far (thank god) but my left foot goes dead at times… :?:

Hi yes it is a symptom I suffer with on and off. Usually my cheeks and down the sides of my face. Very weird sensation. Sometimes it ventures up the sides of my head as well.


Hi i’m new on here!
I have had symptoms since 2005!!
Have had a fab year. Symptoms have been on and off but mild. Just recently having a bad time again!!

I get tingling, not numbess. I’ve had tingling on the roof of my mouth for weeks now. Before, i had a few day of tingling to one area on my foot. The tingling seems to come and go in deffrent parts of my body.

Amongst many other symptoms, trampoline stepping feet, difficulty turning while walking, feeling as if i can’t interpret where the floor is when i’m walking, difficulty with certain foot ware, throbbing legs as my legs tire from all the hard work of walking/standing, feeling surreal, weird vision, feeling of going to fall with next step or walk into the ground, ringing/fullness in one ear, sharpe odd hearing, and so many more!

Nice to meet you! Nice to know i’m not alone!!

Wish you well

Kelly x :slight_smile:

That is exactly what happens to me. The left side of my forehead, a little in my scalp and the tip of my nose get this weird numbness. tingle. I also have a rocking feeling all the time. It is horrible. I am starting Celexa tonight. I hope it helps. Keep your fingers crossed!