Hi all. I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been feeling somewhat better. The dizziness never fully goes away, but I’ve got it managed to where I can at least function pretty normally and do most things. I have been looking at changing careers because the computer screen has always been a huge trigger for my dizziness (from my eyes going up and down constantly throughout the day I think). I’d like a job where I don’t have to sit in front of the computer all day long. I seem to do better on days when I’m at home and away from it.

I’m looking into potentially going to nursing school. My question is this- are there any nurses on this forum with MAV? Have you found certain clinical settings to be less visually stimulating and better for our condition? Is nursing a bad idea with all the running around and commotion? I don’t think I could go work in a hospital, since I can barely manage the grocery store. All the fluorescent lights and motion is the worst. Any advice would be appreciated!

Melissa - sorry I am not a nurse and cannot answer that question. Just wondering what has helped you with your symptoms. have you been taking meds? glad to hear you are feeling some decrease in sxs.

I’m not taking any meds except for my hypothyroid. In fact, when I went off everything I started to feel better. For years I thought that Verapamil was helping and then I added Paxil for a while too. My husband and I are trying for a baby now, so I went off both of those and my birth control too, and for whatever reason I started to improve. I think that the BC might have been the biggest culprit. I still get dizzy and have triggers, but it’s been a long time since I had a day that was so horrible I couldn’t do anything. I haven’t changed my diet really at all except minimal caffeine, cut out beer and wine and regularly take magnesium supplements. Now I’m working on not oversleeping, something I’ve always struggled with. Good luck to you- hope you feel better!

I am a nurse though not currently working as I have young children at home. I think it is a great career. You will have to do some training in the hospital while in school then when you graduate you can find work outside of the hospital. There are many different fields in nursing and many are outside of the hospital. For a few years I worked in home care and hospice. I really enjoyed it . Much less stressful than the hospital - and pretty rewarding, too. I have also worked in an office - hectic, but nothing like the hospital. Most places have transitioned away from physical charts to computer charts. Not sure if that would make nursing difficult for you. Kristen