Anyone eat them?


They are one of the things that I cut from my diet. I have cheated several times and not had any problems, but noticed pre-diagnoses that if I ate them on a continual basis, things slowly got worse. Now I just treat them as a little treat to myself.

Hi Heather,
Since my son’s 18th birthday last weekend, we had nuts for the guests with lots of ‘left-overs’ I’m afraid! I’ve grabbed handfuls of them often since Sunday and am really scared I’ve raised my ‘threshhold’ enormously, plus all the other party food I devoured :oops: . I’m OK right now, but know I’m pushing my luck (just had another handful, oops!), but by tomorrow if the family haven’t polished them off…they’re goin’ straight for the bin! It’s a big NO, NO isn’t it for the migraine diet?? Unfortunately I don’t have much self-control, so I try to keep the house clear of the things I simply can’t say no to!
cheers, Judy

I avoid them for the most part since they are on the migraine diet. Sometimes I’ll have a few, or I’ll eat something with them in it without thinking. I don’t get an immediate reaction, but I do think they may be a trigger for me with a delayed reaction. However, as you well know, you can feel okay one day and like crap the next and not really know what set you off for sure. So, for now, I’m going to continue to avoid them as much as possible.

this nut/seed thing is confusing. Nuts, seeds and legumes are different things to botanists than to culinaries. A peanut, which I’m sure is on the OFF list, is actually a legume. Some things commonly thought of as seeds are actually nuts and vice versa. I’m doing the trial and error thing. I do fine with pine nuts (the fruit of the pine tree, enclosed in a hard shell, which probably makes it a true nut) and sesame seeds (which are true seeds). I don’t spend too much time with this category - i can live without them, except i love to cook with pine nuts, so I do.

The other thing I find confusing is which beans are bad. I love beans. I know it’s the tyramine content that sets off the migraine, but there are so many varieties and i think the packaging of them is also amiss sometimes. I tried northern beans and got sick. Maybe they were actually navy beans. And then there are white beans - are those actually navy or northern? Anyway, I guess I’ll just stick with pink beans, which I know I’m fine with.

It’s just like sweet potatos and yams (which I know are fine, i’m just making a point). There are many varieties of sweet potatos and yams and many stores mis-name them. Sometimes you can’t be sure which you’re buying until you cook it - then it becomes apparent.

Sorry for this long boring post, if anybody read it, i’m sure the time passed very slowly for you :slight_smile:

Ummmm, hello??? (How the heck do I make this anonymus?)… 8)

Julie, whats the diff between a sweet potato and a yam? :oops:

LOL- I truly don’t know. I cook “sweet taters” all the time, but maybe they aren’t after all - :shock: Maybe they are Yams!!!



By the way, the name of this topic is quite fitting.

Ok, Dolly :slight_smile: here ya go, regarding sweet potatoes and yams

According to “Vegetable Love” by Barbara Kafka (it’s a veggie cookbook Bible):

*Sweet potatoes are actually roots (potatoes are tubers). Some kinds of sweet potatoes (SP) have been given yam as part of their common name. SP have traveled the world over and to a great extent have replaced the African igname (a true ham, and where the word “yam” comes from). Some SP are white which are sweeter than the orange ones.

Yams may come from Asia or Africa. They come in a range of colors. They go by so many names around the world that it is hard to know what one is buying or eating.*

I have many times been approached in a grocery store by a man asking me “is this a sweet potatoe or a yam?” :slight_smile:

Luckily, both are on the OK list.

Thanks for clarifying that for me. I guess ?!?!?!!!? :roll:

Since I don’t really know for sure what I’m buying, the next time I serve them, I’ll just call them “spams” or somethin’.

Thanks Julie.

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By the way, the name of this topic is quite fitting.

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thats it I’m not buying the book on migraine diet, I love nuts,
we eat nuts all the time in my house, my hubby loves his nut and so do I.
man as if my lfe isnt hard enough, and then going without chocolate and nuts.

OK I should probably fraise that better.