Nystagmus still!

I know there are many threads about nystagmus. It seems to be common but I read a lot on here that it goes.

I have had this for months. I notice it the most when I watch TV. Especially when there is a panning shot where the background pans around from right to left or vice versa. Instead of smooth movement, I get short rigid shots. ALL THE TIME. I videoed my eyes watching a panning shot scene today, and when watching it back, my eyes showed very defined nystagmus. Left to right - mirroring the way I see the scene.

2 weeks ago, PT showed me the down beating nystagmus I STILL have.

I feel that my eyes are contributing to feeling off and dizzy.

My question is, did anyone ever have nystagmus like this for months and then have it disappear. How did you fix it?

You could consider a vestibular suppressant like Amitriptyline. That did wonders in calming my VOR. Within just days of taking that I felt sooo much better. Nystagmus appeared to have completely gone by 20mg.

I am quite amazed at the amount of involvement you are being given in your treatment. Certainly not something that happens in the UK well not in my part anyway! Despite all the years I have had this I couldn’t tell you whether I have ever had ongoing nystagmus. Never tested. Know little about it but following your description, which to me reads much like ‘Visual Vertigo; I went on a hunt (Dr Hain www.dizziness-and-balance.com is usually a first port of call) and was surprised to read Oscillopsia (Search it on this site, many references) is an indication of nystagmus. Figures when you think about it which I never have before. I had certainly had that many many times so I probably do ‘qualify’ yet again. By fairly rare presence of the Oscillopsia mine would be intermittent, I suspect these days. Dr Hain has written extensively about all types of nystagmus. I tried unsuccessfully to link direct but it all certainly looks worth reading. I most certainly will.

What an interesting discussion, I would follow this thread.

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There are heaps of research papers on there thanks. I can’t find a lot - including trusty google - that talk about jerky movement when the background of a tv scene is panning.

I had a terrible night after I wrote that, felt nauseous and couldn’t sleep.

Yes, my PT recorded the nystagmus when she put the goggles on. To see improvement or not in time I guess. But this recording I took last night really quite scared me.

I would like to know whether its brain or inner ear dysfunction that’s causing it. My next neuro app is not till June. He on the other hand is not forthright with information, so asking the right questions is crucial.

James mentioned Ami. Combining two seratonin meds would be risky i would imagine, but is worth asking about.

Or switch between. Yeah discuss with your care specialist.

That is Visual Vertigo. Very common MAV symptom. Stopped me TV watching, indeed screen watching for many many months. I sat watching bits of the Olympic Games, two Games running, with a bucket between my knees.

Did you PT request you keep this record? If she’s expecting a quick recovery she could be heading towards disappointment if my experience is anything to go by. If she didn’t ask for this I suggest you stop doing it immediately. There is no point scaring yourself half to death over something that may persist for some time and unpleasant as it is, and I do know believe me, you cannot control and cannot kill you. It’s not healthy to obsess over such things.

You, me and a lot of others I imagine. Read Dr Hain on Visual Vertigo.

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