Off Meds - First time in 6 years

So I recently stopped taking birth control and weaned myself off of Propranolol which I have been on for over 6 years (I’m hoping to have a baby!).

I was very concerned about being off medication but so far I have not had any major problems. I’m very surprised… I haven’t been off both medications before at the same time. When I went off Propranolol last year, my symptoms flared up immediately.

So anyway I just wanted to share the good news…it feels so good to be off medication after so long. I have some heart palpitations and slight weight gain (I’m retaining water!) but other than that I feel good. I’m hoping when I get pregnant things don’t get worse again!

all the best to you. i was just wondering what dose of propranolol were you on and what symptoms did it help. I guess I need some hope tonight, as I’ve been very sick for so long, and trying to remember that this is all treatable.

Off meds sounds terrific! Some day, I can hope, I’ll chime in with that same post. And if not, not.

What are the triggers you avoid?

Good luck with the pregnancy; we tried and tried, but had waited too long to succeed.

I’ve been as high as 80mg twice a day but over the last year I had dropped that down to 20mg twice a day. My main symptoms were dizziness, nausea, light sensitivity, motion intolerance and an off balance feeling. The propranolol seemed to help reduce the intensity of the symptoms but it wasn’t a cure all.

The triggers I try to avoid are caffeine, alcohol (in excess), windy car rides, intense light, etc. I’ve also learned not to push myself too hard…if I don’t feel good, I take it easy and don’t force myself to do things like work out.

Week 3 without medication and still doing well!

That’s great news! Long may it last. Did you have any side effects on the propranolol?

Best … Scott

No, I didn’t really notice any side effects from the propranolol. I think it sometimes contributed to feeling faint when working out but overall I did pretty well on it. I tried amitriptyline and it made my mouth really dry and my heart would race all the time.