Office lighting

Hi Guys,

I’m 100% sure that my main triggers are artificial lighting and computer monitors, (I’m reading the current monitor thread with great interest) and since the weather in the UK has turned grey and miserable, I’m noticing that the artificial lighting above my head in the office at work, feels brighter and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that I’m suffering a massive relapse right now (resulting in my crashing my car :frowning: )

It’s a panel with 4 strip pole type bulbs in. I have already twisted it so I have just 2 on rather than 4, but it’s either 4, 2 or none and despite the fact I sit next to a big window, if I turn them all off, it’s too dark and I have to strain to see.

Does anyone have any advice on how they’ve made successful changes to their office working environment in terms of lighting??

Thanks x

I don’t use the flourescent lights in my office (which has no windows). Instead, I bought a cheap floor lamp that I use. It’s not the best quality, and my office is now a bit of a cave, but it definitely helps to not use the office lights. (I’ve been thinking about adding a desk lamp, too, but have been too lazy to follow up and shop for one.)

Hi MM,

Ask to have then switched off over head if you can. That’s what I did here at work. By a lucky coincidence, the girl I sit near is also a migraineur and so we have turned off a whole block of lights and just have sunlight coming through tinted windows and can adjust with blinds as well.

Having those lights switched off made an immediate impact in feeling much better for both of us.

Get them switched off or move to a location where there aren’t any over head. :slight_smile:

S 8)

I had the lights directly over my desk taken out and only have 2 lights in my office that work and they are behind me. It’s a tad dark, but much better than having the affects of flourescent lighting bothering me. If it is too dark for you with 2 lights then maybe a desk lamp would work better so you are not straining to see… good luck :slight_smile:

Desk lamps, also known as task lighting, is a good idea.

Florescent bulbs should be illegal, as they cause problems for so many people that don’t even realize it. I hate those things!!! :twisted:

Thanks for all your replies guys.

I’ve turne the overhead panel off but it’s too dark! So I am off to buy a load of other lamps and surround myself with them… I may look mental, but whatever :smiley: