oh my ears! What's MAV and what's not?

My neurologist told me migraine can cause “all sorts of weird”, but I’m still trying to figure out what is MAV and what might be an ear pathology that needs to be addressed. In addition to swaying “tilty” vertigo, visual vertigo, bilateral migraine pain and a stiff neck that all started gradually (1 year ago then turned chronic 3 months ago), here is how my ear symptoms progressed:

-pressure in the ear - both ears (now mild)
-constant tinnitus, both ears
-pulsatile tinnitus when I lay on my L side, sometimes R
-PCP observed a “bulging” eardrum - L side
-shaking sensation that I believe is middle ear myoclonus - I’ve also had some brief “clicking” that I believe was audible had someone else been there that goes with MEM - worst in L ear
-extreme and constant sound sensitivity (symptom and a trigger)
-feeling of fluid draining once in a while but nothing comes out - both ears

I also have some jaw pain and sinus pressure if that helps. Thank you for helping me sort this out! MAV can be so complex.

Hey Naya, welcome to the site and sorry you are suffering annoying symptoms!

This is a really contentious subject.

The aetiology of MAV has not been nailed down. I got my MAV from a physical trauma to my left ear and ended up having identical symptoms to sufferers who have not experienced any injury. That got me thinking, deeply! I suspect there is a lot more for medicine to learn and hopefully that will result in ever improving treatment.

There is a lot of debate around this in #research-theories-controversies but that’s not open to new users (requires Trust Level 2*) because discussion around this topic can lead to high levels of anxiety. Dwelling on this subject as a new sufferer can really harm your sense of wellbeing, so its advisable that early on you take the advice that it will improve and to put this aside for a bit.

I’m not sure how far you are through MAV, but in any case, can I urge you to stick around and as you contribute more to the site, you will automatically gain in Trust Level and the privilege to see that Category? If you are a new sufferer, that will give you time to conquer the mental side of this condition which is a significant mountain to climb in itself.

For now, follow the treatment protocols and see what works fo you. See if you can reduce those symptoms. It may take a while so be patient.

*You are already TL1 so you won’t have to wait long.


Welcome to the group, Naya, and sorry you have to be here…!

I totally agree with what James says. Really, a name for what you have is less important than trying to get a handle on your personal symptoms and get them under control (??? - whatever that might mean - different things to different people!). Follow the advice of your Dr’s and try to stay positive - albeit a slow process. One day at a time! Sending good vibes to help your peace of mind.


Thanks for your input!