Okay - ENOUGH with the weight gain!

I’m exercising a minimum of 4 days a week, drinking TONS of water, drinking 3 cups of green tea a day, eating healthy - why the heck am I STILL gaining weight on this stupid nori??? Granted it’s doing good for my MAV but sheesh - I am NOT impressed!!! 20 pounds so far! Do I need to starve myself?? Holy smokes!! :cry:

Hey Tamsha,
What dose are you on?
Have you checked your thyroid? Are you getting any other side effects from it?

This is a small thing, but have you tried to substitute pu-er tea for the green tea?

I drink pu-er a lot when I am in Taiwan and China, and it always makes me lose a few pounds. Then I bring some back to America and gradually forget about drinking it. Sometimes I remember for a month or so and then I lose a few pounds again.

Very few Western people drink it, but it is considered one of the most exclusive teas in China. In comes in blocks that look like saucers, you chop off a piece and then use that for the tea. If you go to a high end tea shop they will know about it. It raises the metabolism in a subtle way but it gives results. It has a woodsy, heavy taste that is not as good as, say, English Breakfast or Earl Grey, but you get used to it and eventually grow to like it. It is used in a lot of Chinese medicine. It does not make me hyper like coffee does; it has a mild arousal effect. People can spend a lot of money on it, but I found that a basic decent pu-er is not very costly.

Again, this is a small thing but it can’t hurt to try it.


No, I havent had my thyroid checked. I go see my doctor next week again so maybe I’ll ask her to do that. I’m on 50mg of the nori - the dose the neuro wanted me on. No other side effects other than the weight gain. It’s so frustrating!

Thanks for the tea suggestion - I will give it a try!