Okay - I have Klonopin question too...sorry!

My doctor prescribed it for me to take a .5mg tab in the morning and another one before bed. To me that sounds excessive! I’ve only been taking 1/2 of a .5mg at bedtime. Has anyone else been prescribed this much or is it too much? I dont know!!

That is a normal amount to be prescribed…but if less works, take less. My first prescription was for .5mg 3x a day…I take 1/4 of of a .5mg pill a day, and it’s enough for me.

Does weight play a factor in taking more Klonopin than others?

(As you can tell, I am looking for any possible reason to continue taking more Klonopin than my peers are :mrgreen: )

I am finally feeling a little better and do not want to f### it up!!!

I weight just under 200 lbs and am just over 6 feet tall. (as you may remember from my clinical report from Dr. Baloh at UCLA…I am “well - nourished”…ha ha ha)

I am taking about 2 mg of Klonopin and am doing well with that. I know that is more than most everyone on here and don’t want to screw things up , but less Klonopin just did not do as much for me.

Just wondering if weight plays an issue with this type of med…ie. for those “well-nourised” type of people like me???

Todd in “finally hitting the 60’s” (and it is about f###ing time) Spokane, Washington !!! :smiley:

Hi Tamsha,
Kelley is correct in that the dose prescribed to you is often very commonly used. Many times docs will start with .25 mg twice daily though. In terms of vestibular suppression, docs like Rauch generally go up to 0.5 mg three times a day.

Hi Todd,
Yes, your dose is higher than what the other folks seem to be taking. However, this is most likely because of your long term history of xanex use. And sadly, there is a tolerance to these meds over time, so I am not surprised that you need a higher dose than benzo naive folks. Xanex and Klonopin work on the same receptors for the most part and only varly in their half lives, so essentially you would need more than if you just started with klonopin as many on the site do.

Best of luck to you both!

So what was the main reason you all were prescribed the Klonopin - anxiety, sleep…??

I was prescribed it for brain sedation…ha ha. just trying to keep things a little more calm for me :smiley:

Does it sedate you or make you sleepy? I’m scared to take too much in case I become non-functional.

I was prescribed for anxiety. I found it made me tired at .5 so if I take 1/4 it just takes the edge off anxiety and dizziness.

Does not make me tired at all…just makes my brain feel a little less “over-stimulated” in certain situatins, like supermarkets , motion sensitivity situations, etc.

Not sleepy at all though :smiley:


How addictive can these be then? I’m scared to take them every day.

— Begin quote from “Go Gonzaga”

Does not make me tired at all…just makes my brain feel a little less “over-stimulated” in certain situatins, like supermarkets , motion sensitivity situations, etc.

Not sleepy at all though :smiley:


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Weird that you say it makes you over-stimulated in supermarkets, etc. as this is the one thing I’m certain klonopin has helped to reduce for me. Are you sure that’s a result of the klonopin and not the MAV itself?

no…i said i feel a little “less over-stimulated”.

maybe my grammar was inappropriate…but i was essentially saying that it helps to sedate my brain in hyper-sensitive situations.


Ah, sorry, my mistake! So it’s the same for me.

I take .5 mg a day - 1/2 in the am and 1/2 in the pm. Was prescribed to help with balance issues and to help with over-stimulation feelings. Am still on this amount for over a year and a half. And no, most docs do not feel that klonopin is addictive at low doses (under 1-2 mg or so).