Okay it's happening!

i’m getting on my first airplane in 8 months. Last time I took one in October, I felt like I was in that VNG machine. Awful. And now I have a major sinus infection!

The doctor recommended Sudafed but I worry about the nervousness. I’m super sensitive. Any other words of advice? Lots of benzos is my plan. Thanks for your advice and support! I carry this little community with me wherever I go. :kissing_heart:

I have no advice apart from enjoy! Have a great time. Personally I love flying, being up in the clouds, totally void of all responsibility and full of anticipation of what lies ahead. I ignore the ear trouble and suck sweets like a mad woman on take off and landing. Happy days.

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Great! It should make you feel much better about things!

Yep, defo Sudafed, 30 minutes before you land. Drink lots of water on the flight especially during take off and descent. I didn’t take anything other than the usual Ami, the dose timing of which I slightly modified to take account of the extra 8 hours (I took one pill instead of two, then another 8 hours later). I’m sure the drowsiness SE of that drug actually helps you reduce the jet lag. Speaking of which jet lag was no more of a problem than when I was fully fit.

The great thing about travel and holidays is there is LOTS of DISTRACTION which helps you focus on life rather than the horrid monster. I found despite symptoms on holiday I felt mentally much better.

I was quite surprised how little problem it was for me, even a long haul. Actually I believe the long time sitting up actually helps take pressure off the ear and lead to some healing because there was a big step change improvement in my condition by the time I returned to the UK. The only big issue was the tinnitus after the flights which was definitely worse but calmed down as it always does a couple of hours later.

Have a great time and try and focus on enjoying the experiences, brush the monster away vigorously!

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I’d definitely take the Sudafed. It’s helped me while flying and even when it’s stormy out. I hope you have a great trip!

I am SO RELIEVED. I feel like I will have my life back. The flights went really really well. No dizziness. I took Afrin on the way there and nothing on the way back. Sucked on lozenges a lot. Mostly - I have been off the computer for so long that I’m much improved. Food still sets me off a bit but it’s this computer which does it. And I went up to 20mg of Amitriptyline. That’s working for me. YAY! Thanks for the support everybody. Much appreciated. - Shazam

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That is BRILLIANT NEWS!! You must be over the moon. Long may it last which I am sure it will now.