Olfactory Hallucinations really stink!

OK, I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one here that gets Olfactory Hallucinations, right? Mine come at all times…there’s no pattern to them. And lucky me, I don’t hallucinate a wonderful smell like peach cobbler or fresh pine…no…I “smell” cigarette smoke. I have never smoked, no one in my home smokes, etc. I “smell” it everywhere…home, car, stores, other peoples’ homes, outside in fresh air. It’s a “real olfactory hallucination.” The only time it’s gone is on my really decent days-----and, when the moon and stars are aligned! Never had I experienced this phenomenon in the “good 'ole days” of “regular” migraines…it all started with the MAV stuff. I thought I was crazy until about 6 months ago when I read some literature about migraines and olfactory hallucinations. Yet another sensory function attacked by the Monster. I felt so relieved to know that what I was “smelling” everyday was just another by-product of this crazy mess that we are all in. I get some minimal relief by smearing some “Vick’s Rub” up my nose, or spraying some perfume on a Q-tip and rubbing in my nose. I’d love to hear what others “smell”-----I hope it’s some good stuff like fresh-baked cookies!

I smell phantom farts. Either that or people who fire it deny it.

Hi Vic,
Yes, I smell cigars , but it has an aromatic flavour to it.

It’s pretty crazy what migraine can produce. It figures you have to smell cigarette smoke all day and not roses or chocolate or coffee. Thanks a lot MAV. Great stuff. :?

I spent my whole childhood assuming there was a ghost in our house that smoked cigars… Sad it’s only just dawned on me what it probably was. Thanks Scott :lol: