Omeprazol (losec) and indigestion + more pain?

I just started taking omeprazol again yesterday (only took a 1/4 of a pill) and then again today (entire 20mg), but I have not had relief from the gastritis so far. In fact I have felt very bloated and more painful in the stomach. No restless legs though thankfully (last time I got this, so the doc told me not to take my sleep-antihistamine as he felt it was the conjunction that gave this effect; guess he is right).

Is it common to have indigestion and bloated stomach and maybe more pain the first few couple of days?
If this doesn’t help they will have to put a tube down my stomach to check what the heck is going on… I had a test for H. Pylori but it showed nothing (not 100% though according to my doc)


  • Mikael

I was on these after a bad bout of stomach pain which stretched from the central top stomach under the ribs and through the back (I remember it well). After 5 days the omiprazol made me dizzy and depression (didnt realize till I looked at the side effects that it was the cause, but it was).

Its early days, but if this causes you side effects, get rinatadine instead (or any of the others that end in tadine). I think there are only two different types of tablets for these stomach problems, one is the pump inhibitors which is the omeprazol and the other is the tadines. I found the rinatadine very good and no side effects. My brother has great results for his acid indigestion from the omeprazol.


Personally, I get bloating, stomach pain, nausea and a bunch of other symptoms when I have too little stomach acid. A bunch of alternative med. people are claiming that low stomach acid leads to food rotting in your stomach etc - I personally consider that a bunch of crap… However, my personal experience (not having had gastritis, mind you!) is that acid supplements help me while antacids/omeprazole/ranitidine cause more problems than they solve. So, while I don’t agree with their reasoning (food rotting creating lactic acid, which in turn causes heartburn IIRC), there appears to be truth to the fact that low stomach acid is a problem. Heck, it has to be, since there are such supplements available as medications.
(This won’t make sense for most of you, but FASS is the resource for meds in Swedish, for both patients and doctors. Anyways.)
However… There’s only one acid supplement I could find in FASS, which is pure … glutamic acid. Sounds familiar? MSG = sodium + glutamic acid. I haven’t tried it for that very reason, and instead use a supplement.

(Sidenote rant: Same thing with Vitamin D, what the heck is up with not having pure Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) as a medication? All that’s available is the active form (calcitriol) which works a lot shorter, is hard-to-impossible to judge proper levels of since its half life is measured in hours as opposed to ~25 days for D3 supplementation, and has a way higher risk of causing side effects like hypercalcaemia since you force the active form right into your bloodstream rather than letting your body do the work of converting its store of 25-OH-D3 as needed.)

Thanks for your replies guys; i’m going to try and stick it out and see if the pain is relieved. If not I guess I shouldn’t use it.


I have chronic stomach problem - reflux and slow eosophagul motility. I was in a terrible way for a few months - almost unable to eat. Anyway , the problem is now controlled with pantoprazole one of the proton pump inhibitors in the omeprazole family. I also take a drug called domperidone to speed up motility - although I had tests to prove that my eosophagus was a problem, so it isn’t something I would recommend taking without diagnostic tests.

It is worth bearing in mind that many people experience problem with one proton pump inhibitor (PPI) and not another. I got worse on 4 PPI’s and was given huge relief by pantoprazole. Some doctors who don’t know their stuff will tell you that all PPI’s are the same. It’s not true. I was a member of a forum for reflux and stomach problems when I was really ill with it and my experience was common among many people. If the omeprazole doesn’t work for you try another PPI. When they work the relief from them can be miraculous.

Ranitidine isn’t as strong as a PPI, it failed to solve my problem and also gave me headaches, although if someone’s problems are milder than mine it could work for them.


Thanks for letting me know hannah. I tried pantropazole in the past because I’ve had mysterious vocal-problems for 2 years now, I only tried it for a week back then and the only problem I got from it was some insomnia, and that’s when I took it in the evening so.

I later tried it on my backpack journey (orders by another doc who didn’t feel I gave it a fair shot, as I only tried it a week). After an incident of vertigo I couldn’t handle it, but I couldn’t handle alcohol or coffe either without getting terribly dizzy (moreso indoors) which I can now, so I can probably take the pantoprazole.

First they’ll stick a camera down my stomach and check out what the hecks going on. I’ve been having this ever since I took amitriptyline for a week (beginning of january), which gave me some stomachissues, but then I woke up with bad burning in the stomach and its been there more or less ever since, though almost gone a few times only to come back full force. I just hope its something treatable, I hate having this on top of everything else…

Hey Mikael,

Sorry to hear about the stomach problems. A lot of drugs are definitely not easy on the gut. Since dumping the SSRIs the stomach pains ended for me. Topamax was another one that ripped me apart down there too. Reflux type symptoms really suck. I hope you can get it sorted soon.


The tricyclic medications like amitriptyline slow down oesophagul (sp?) motility which causes food to go down slower and hang around there which worsens reflux. I can’t take those drugs for those reasons.

It does sound like you have reflux - I also have voice/throat problems - at one time badly, now much better since taking the drugs for stomach issues. There is a condition called larygopharyngeal reflux. It just means that the reflux comes up high enough to bother the throat and irritates the sensitive tissue there. People can have burning in the throat, hoarseness, a throat tickle, a sore throat etc…


I am all of sudden having terrible issues with bloating, rolling pains, diarrhea and the works. I have no idea what to do or who to see as my Gastro doctor did an endoscope in December an found nothing, they want to do a GI Study along with small intestine study…to see if there is any issue there so i guess i need to get that done here soon.

Plus I have a constant tremor like feeling in that area especially at night as it feels like it is vibrating…