OMG I don't get this at all

I came to work and was fine up until right before lunch and now i am so sick. So dizzy and shaking all over. there is no reason for it. I don’t understand this illness at all. it just keeps coming and going mostly coming on all the time now.

I can’t wait to get better and brave the pill taking. I saw the post about anxiety or MaV - i think i may have bothh i don’t know whatever it is it is really getting bad.

I’m trying to work but it’s hard. Another two hours and I can get a ride home but how i’m gonna make it til then i dont’ know.


It’s so frustrating when you get whammed like that and you don’t know why. Hope you made it home OK

Hi Chris – what you ar describing are similar things I went through years ago. I’d feel ok starting the day and then everything would all fall apart hours later. I bet you feel better after a meal right? I was always best after dinner.

Again, you seem to displaying all the signs of an anxiety disorder/ problem brought on by the MAV and vestibular upset. It’s awful stuff but it’s not permanent. It will go when you start to get treatment.

Another med you could consider if you’re feeling really freaked about pills is Prozac in liquid form. You can start at a really low dose and gradually build it up. That’s what that lady did I told you about who was also terrified of SSRIs. She’s great now.


Wow, this all sounds very familiar. Chris, I hope you improve soon. This is all so frustrating. For me, the middle of the day often can be the worst for some weird reason including dizziness, low blood sugar, etc. Not sure why that happens. I’m sure, though, that there are some treatments out there that can help you.
Gail aka minandelsa

thank you all so much for responding.

it’s strange because i’ve been sick for 30 years with this but it was never quite like this. i think it is anxiety/Mav like you guys said. I’m anxious to have a talk with doctors and get something to try that i feel comfortable with. i’m going to talk to a therapist next Thursday maybe that’ll help me get over the fear also.

I talked to a friend of mine today who has been on prozac for years and said life is too short to be as sick as i am. it’s true. I’ve got to get my life back that’s for sure.

i think the menopause is just making every thing at least twice as bad. not sure if i waited too long to eat or ate the wrong thing or just happened for whatever reason. i don’t understand this at all.

thanks again all

i really struggled this afternoon - couldn’t look up very far on computer monitor so had to read some stuff instead. feel so worthless when this happens.


Hey Chris
First of all, my heart goes out to you. The anxiety is awful. If you are concerned with taking ant benzos, you may want to get done L-Theanine from your local whole foods, or drug store. Also, get some herbal teas for relaxation… If you are struggling eirh sleep, valerian root can help, as can melatonin. Also, try breathing really slowly while pushing tour stomach out… Not shallow through upper chest… Hold the breath a dew seconds, and then slow release all the way out. It somehow calms the central nervous system. I use this approach when I wake in night/ early morning with shakes.
Hope ut works for you.

The menopause causes more low blood sugar attacks. You might be suffering from reactive hypoglycemia. I have this. Start off eating breakfast and within an hour or two if I havent eaten again, I get a low blood sugar attack. You can check this out by purchasing a glucometer from the chemist (around £20). I did, when I saw a problem, went to the GP, up the hospital and had the glucose tolerance test, proven reactive hypoglycemia.


Thanks all. I think once i took half a valium after a while and some meclizine it calmed down a bit but it was one heck of an awful afternoon and even last night when i got home still felt horrible - wiped out. I have strange symptoms - well maybe not strange in the MaV world but i used to always blame this on allergies so obvsiously it’s more than that. i never used to be sick this time of year supposed to get cold starting today - front coming through i’m hoping maybe by thurs i might feel a bit better but i wish i could get an AD that i felt comfortable with to start taking soon.

I go for the brainstem test today at 2 i relly don’t think i have any tumors or anything like that after 30 years but i know they have to rule it out. I just hope i get to talk to the dr soon.

great ideas guys thanks.

Yeah i should test my blood sugar i’m pretty sure it gets low but i can’t imagine it causing that attack that i hate yest afternoon it was awful - can that set off MaV or anxiety>??? maybe so

then the problem is what to eat mid morning on this maV diet - that’s the tough part - i have given up quite a bit of stuff lately. gosh a few months ago i was eating cashews and lots of cheese and everything and i was not all that sick at all but now i am and hardly eat anything on the bad list if at all.

i want to talk to dr about lexapro and celexa and stuff like that i hope he talks to me but i bet i have to all him. I think i’ll have to work through my other drs cuz this neuro is hard to get into.

wonder if he will give me a diagnosis that’s what i want now.

i see that celexa and lexapro also come in solution so i could start real low to get used to it :slight_smile: just an FYI - otherwise they will have to give me real low dose pills or something i can cut in half.

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Yeah i should test my blood sugar i’m pretty sure it gets low but i can’t imagine it causing that attack that i hate yest afternoon it was awful - can that set off MaV or anxiety>??? maybe so

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Having low blood sugar can definitely cause dizziness even if it’s not directly linked to the MAV. A few years before this MAV stuff started, I had a really fast metabolism and this meant that if I didn’t eat regularly (every 1-3hours), it’d affect my blood sugar levels and I would go extremely dizzy! It only lasted a few minutes and I remember it was bad, all I could do was sit and wait for it to pass and then I’d feel shaky for the rest of the day. I’d normally have 30minutes warning that it would happen as I would suddenly find it hard to concentrate and feel a bit lightheaded. As long as I ate as soon as I got that warning sign, it would normally prevent the dizziness. I always carried a snack around with me and made sure I ate sensible food that gave a slow release of sugar such as bananas, brown rice and bread etc instead of sugary snacks. Obviously following a migraine diet limits the food you can have but just making sure you eat regularly may help. It may be worth mentioning it to your doctor to see if your blood sugar levels are affecting you.

I hope today has been better for you


thanks yeah i can tell if mine is low cuz i start shaking when im hungry but this wsa very different it was all afternoon - really bad like horrible anxiety/MaV allergy stuff - maybe allergic to something I ate who knows. i was just really pissed = it came out of nowhere that’s what i have so much anxiety i’m sure cuz i’m afraid to go anywhere or do anything. it’s really starting to get to me.

it’s cold here now - winter finally here i guess so maybe i’ll start feeling better maybe not - i’m allergic to fireplace smoke too so that bothers me when it’s cold seems like i can’t win that’s why i need to get some medication to help.