OMG - SO dizzy today!

I guess I need to go back up to my 10mg of Lexapro. Ever since I’ve been on the 5mg dose for 2 weeks I’ve been awful. Today is the worst! When I get up to try and walk I start to lean and feel like I’m going to fall over. My head is buzzing, ears are ringing and when I turn my head it’s like my brain needs time to catch up!

I was doing so well for quite some time on it and the 20mg of nori - I guess I shouldnt have listened to the neuro. He told me I didnt need it and should go off mainly because I was complaining about my 20 pound weight gain! UGH! I’m feeling so sorry for myself right now!!

Has anyone gone off their meds and realized they need to be back on? The thought of having to be on this stuff forever makes me so upset!

I just got an email from my neuro - he said to go back up to the 10mg of Lex since it was working for my MAV - the weight gain I guess I’m just going to have to deal with it or starve myself! I HATE this disease!

Hi Tamsha,

It is probably your body trying to adjust to the lack of Lex plus MAV going off. When I came off Cipramil, I got the same sort of stuff going on as you. Visual vertigo was off the charts and I fell apart. To this day I still need the small dose of Paxil to stay even-keeled. You could try switching to a low dose of Paxil as I have to see if you can stop the crazy symptoms. Paxil is potent and so you may need just a fraction of what you do on Lex and thus avoid the weight gain. I gained 15 kg on Cipramil when on 15 mg but with Paxil there is no problem at 2.5 mg.


Well I took another 5mg last night and then my regular 10mg this morning of Lex and I feel much better - not where I was before but better. Go figure. I guess I’m gonna be on this crap forever. :frowning:

Sorry for all my panicking and ranting - I just hate this disease SO much and how it’s affected my life. Thanks for listening.


Would you consider swapping to Paxil? Same drug family but you’ll need less of it and might escape the weight gain. Switching is possible without losing your mind. Migraine definitely does suck.

This tells me that you don’t have good control of the migraine with nori so you do need something else. Can you increase the nori? How about Topamax, have you tried that one?

I love it! Giving me great control of symptoms, and allowing me to come down nicely off of Lexapro without nasty side effects to a point where I think I can completely come off that drug. And I’ve been on an SSRI for almost 3 years, so I thought my brain needed the serotonin boost, when maybe I just wasn’t getting good migraine control after all from the SSRI?? I don’t know, but Topamax is my new best friend LOL