On Depakote now, trying to stick it out

Hi everyone, well after having a crash of some sort about a week ago, I was almost bedbound for a couple days, it was horrible. I saw my neuro for an emergency appt. as I also had a killer headache for 3 days straight along with being dizzy. He told me to stop the Nori, and start Depakote ER 500mg, he also gave me Zomig to abort the headache. I have been on Depakote for exactly one week now and my dizziness has subsided a lot! I actually wake up with a clear head and that hasn’t happened even on the Nori. I feel less dizzy but I’m experiencing lots of side effects! I’m exhausted, day and night. It takes everything in me to get out of bed or off the couch, and I sleep 9+hours a night! I’m also having neck pain and muscle weakness that is killing me. I know that is a known side effect but I’m dying, I literally have a heating pad on my neck all evening before bed. I want my energy back, but I also don’t want to be super dizzy again! I have been in touch with a friend on here who is on Depakote and assures me these side effects should pass, but I’m just wondering when and if I can possibly take this pain in neck(literally) for much longer, advice? Thanks so much in advance.

I have a friend who didn’t get relief with the nori either, and did well on the Depakote. Is it possible you can decrease your dose? I know there are meds that help with the fatigue, maybe your doctor has some advice?
It’s also possible you could respond well to another anticonvulsant that doesn’t make you tired…namely Lamictal or Topamax? Might be worth a shot?

Hi Rebecca,
yep , this is the problem I have with meds, you think your doing well and then find that the meds we take have caused some other prob!
And somtimes the meds are worse than the Mav.
So sorry your feeling so crappy, neck pain I know it well, thankfuly many of the meds I’ve tried have rid me of the neck pain of Mav .
I’ve never tried Depakote and know little about the side effects.
Next time try a cold compress instead of hot, it sure use to help me.


Hi Rebecca -
My friend John takes Depakote for his dizziness, which was induced after a TBI from a car accident. He said it helps reduce the dizziness overall and has been very helpful for him. There are good stories out there - just wanted to give you a power boost :smiley:


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