One day after vacation I woke up dizzy

Unless you have dealt with this issue no one really understands including doctors. One day after vacation I woke up dizzy but mostly imbalance. I went to the doctor because I thought it might have been the flight, after round of steroids, sent to ENT had all the battery of tests and was told it was in my head. I was so mad with that ENT. How I worked through all of this I’ll never know but as time went on I managed and although I had bouts I was okay. I was 48 at the time. Fast forward 15years to today I was still concerned because I was tripping around very uncoordinated. My doc sent me to a new neurologist specializing in ENT issues. She took my history and examined me, she performed the Epley Manuever and I had crazy nystagmus, scared the crap out of me. She said she did not expect that response based on what I told her. Apparently my crystals were out of place all this time, I went to vestibular PT. My ear crystals now reset and my brain needs to adjust all over. It sucks and I understand your anxiety, I am also being treated for silent migraines as many of my symptoms fall into that category. I still believe mine started with a virus, taking one day at a time. I’m really working on keeping my anxiety in check.

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Hey Deborah, thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve moved your personal story here to keep that Diary focused on the protagonist. :+1:

When the doc did the maneuver your eyes must have did some fancy dancing. Did they do more testing than that? I have vestibular migraines along with PPPD. I have suffered from falls that became more frequent in the past two years. Your symptoms are similar to my earlier episodes. *Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, but I have suffered through VMs for almost 40 years.

I, too, somehow managed to work while suffering pain and the milder dizziness—could not work when had the vertigo episodes.

I think you’re right with the virus connection. I believe a change in your system can jumpstart, or bring forward something that was previously dormant in your body. I have had them bi-annually for years, got ‘the’ vaccine, 5 days later they came 3-4 days a week. Fast forward to this Valentine’s Day, I have them daily, mild to severe. But, with the new frequency, came constant imbalance more frequent falls, feeling like I’m trying to balance on a water filled planet—that’s where the PPPD comes in. If the physical therapy hasn’t gotten you back to normal for the ear crystals, I would research PPPD and talk to your doctor about it.

I hope you get feeling better soon! As for me, this is my new ‘normal’, so I am doing the best I can to come to terms with it.