One thing to remember

I was just reading through some of the literature posted. This one statement from Dr. Baloh really holds true and something I should have listened to and remembered:

If a drug is reducing symptoms by 50%, stay with it, give it time and work on lifestyle to knock out the rest. Do not work under the notion that by just finding the right medicine that this will suddenly all vanish.

I was about 75% better on 50mg of nori and 10mg cipralex. Instead, I listened to the neuro, went off both, to try propranolol. I was only on it for a week and I had horrible sleep issues, itchy skin and fatigue. I should have just stayed on the nori and Cip! This has been the worst…week…ever!!

Now I’m back on them both but ramping up again on the nori. UGH!!!

I agree…50% is better than 10%. I am on Nori & am about 50% better than i was back in october. so i will continue on the nori…(untill i find a new dr) mine is retiring. ;-(
i just want to get through the holidays…

How much nori are you on?

Thanks for reminding everyone Tamsha. Rereading Baloh’s notes is something everyone should do every few months as a reminder. He makes some very sage remarks about all of this.

Cheers … Scott