Opinions on Pizotifen

I can order pizotifen online from a canadia without a prescription since they dont sell it here in the US. Scott posted a thread where he said that Dr. Granot said this med cleans up dizziness almost without fail. Im pretty eager to try it after Paxil has given me unsatisfactory results after being on it 2 months. There are a few posts in the success stories thread, and it really seems to work well. I was thinking about titrating up to 1.5mg and stay there. Anyone have suggestions?

NO! I think you should give Paxil one more month. You said you were having some success.
Do you think you are just having a bad day with the vertigo? I want you to get better and you seemed to be having some relief with Paxil right?

As far as the Piz, if you do decide to go that route I’ve heard it’s a very tolerable medication. I still think you should wait it out a bit.

Good luck! Let me know what you decide to do

Do you know why we can’t get this drug in the US? Sorry to hear the Paxil isn’t giving better results faster. Have you considered Topamax? Or did you already try that one (sorry, I can’t remember)? I feel like I’m a Topamax pusher since it’s helped me so much :slight_smile:

Personally I would be afraid of buying meds online. Do you know of a reputable sight?
There are a couple meds on this forum that are not approved in the US. Makes me a little weary, but still curious about them.

If you go that route, be careful.



My opinion is that if an SSRI is making zero impact on your symptoms by now (8 weeks), I’d personally considering moving on or adding an additional agent (if you are seeing some good from Paxil). It is possible to take Pizotifen and an SSRI together. There’s no guarantee with Piz but what the hell?

Luke, who used to post here 2 years ago, had a good effect from Piz. He stopped and the symptoms came roaring back. He went back on Piz and it no longer worked … and then he added Cipramil and it killed his MAV. He dumped the Piz and I haven’t heard from him since and so I would assume he has very good control on Cipramil alone.

There’s no magic combo with this junk I’m afraid. We’re all different. :?