Opthamologist (eye exam)

Hello all,

Just thought I’d offer a suggestion. I don’t have migrane problems, but I do experience vertigo.

I would like to suggest that anyone who hasn’t been to an** eye doctor (opthamologist)**, get an appointment right away.

I have vision problems that I believe to be causing my vertigo episodes.

Hope this may offer some help.

Stay happy. :wink:

Hi noname,

This is exactly what I’m going to be doing this week. I’ve noticed that my vision is worse over the last few years and, by the end of the day, I am more headachy than if I have a day away from it all. Worth checking it out although I don’t look forward to what the effect of wearing glasses will have on my vertigo. Changing anything visual for me can bring on decompensation and so glasses could make everything much worse.


Great idea…I had Lasik many years ago and noticed over the last few years my vision was not as sharp but as you stated Scott was fearful to make any change. Broke down last year and went to the doc and have to say it actually turned out to be a positive experience. I am in the inbetween stage between needing glasses/contacts full time and just needing them for certain things which happens frequently with age and post lasik surgery. I use them for driving/watching tv, anything that requires distance…nothing close up, the transition to them did not bother my MAV at all and to be honest if anything I feel more settled with them on. Unfotunatley can’t wear them all the time or who knows what I would be typing on my work reports…HAHA…good luck Scott.
Hope it turn out to be positive for you as well.


Hi Dizzies,
My doctor sent me to the eye expert straight away 2 years ago when I started getting dizzy attacks.
They discovered that while my sight was ok with the glasses I had , I had a focus problem with one eye…one eye went off to one side with close up vision , rather than the correct converging correctly with the other eye.
I had a year of visual training to correct this, and when it was perfect and I was still dizzy…in fact the dizziness was getting worse, they eye guy told me to get checked with the balance folks at the hospital, and it was them who after all the tests said it was probably migraine. I then started the migraine journey.
Hope this maybe helps someone !


If for no other reason, this is a good idea to rule out eye problems. I did that to make sure and the doc gave me a clean bill of health, so I knew it was something else! ALso, good to do if you are taking a med that can cause potential eye issues, such as Topamax.

What if you have acute vision? Should you still see a doctor? I was blessed with great genetics when it comes to vision and at age 39 can still see very well both near and far unaided. My only vision problem are my migraine aura symptoms, including constant visual snow. I have never had a complete eye exam. The Department of Licensing checks my vision before renewing my driver’s license and the doctor takes a peek in my eyes once in a while, but that’s pretty much it. Do you all think it still worth checking into or do you think it is doubtful eye problems contribute to my condition given my positive vision history?

Hi Marci - Well first congrats on the great vision! That’s a rarity and usually when you hit 40, things start to go downhill, so enjoy. :wink: But seriously, yes, it is doubtful that eye problems contribute to your condition i.e. - your MAV is the cause of your snowy vision, etc. I have snowy vision too and it has nothing to do with eye problems. If you have good insurance which would pay for it, I’d say go just because it is always a good idea to have things ruled out and make sure your eyes are indeed ok (just because you can see well doesn’t mean you don’t have a different problem), but I wouldn’t worry about it if you don’t go either.