OT - Anyone speak French?

I need to send a message to a colleague in the Congo. He is French & relies on a French-to-English dictionary as much as I rely on my translator software. I need to say

“I wish you a very blessed celebration of the birth of our Savior, dear Father. May there be peace in your country in the new year.”

Can anybody help me? The translator program is falling short on this one.

Google says:
“Je vous souhaite une très béni célébration de la naissance de notre Sauveur, cher Père. Mai-il y avoir de paix dans votre pays dans la nouvelle année.”

I know NO French so that might mean anything. :smiley:

Hmmm … that’s pretty good … better than my L&H Power Translator anyway! Thanks!

It has been 20 years since I took French in high school, but all the words that I recognize in what Tran gave you look correct to me. But don’t put too much into what I say, I had a Spanish teacher for my second year of French! :lol:


I took French in high school 25 years ago, I can sort of read it, and that’s about it. I agree with her though, there are a few words I don’t recognize, but the rest looks correct.

On a side note, I know from work that google will do a whole bunch of conversions such as temperature from Celcius to Farenhiet, or gallons to liters, but I didnot know that it would also do languages. Who knew, and it is free to top it off. :slight_smile:

Hi Joy,

I have two friends here in Sydney - one is from Paris and the other is fluent in French. My French is far too rusty. I’ll fire the message their way if yo want.

Scott 8)

That’s okay Scott, thanks anyway. I already sent Tranquility’s translation out via email. I think he’ll get the point of my message.

Closing up shop now & off to Children’s Hospital tomorrow morning with dtr. She’s having that big honkin cyst drained off her kidney in the morning. We’ll be driving in rush hour to get there so I’ll be plenty keyed up by the time we arrive at the hospital. She’s completely cool about all this … 13 & invincible I’m, well, menopausal. We’ll leave it at that. Think happy thoughts for us, guys.

I hope all goes well for your daughter (and you). You are in my thoughts!


Joy -

You’re both in our thoughts and prayers! God Speed! Let us know how it goes.


all the best Joy ,
sending positive vibes your way.