Other symptoms

Hi, I have just found this board, after 20 years being diagnosed with firstly menieres, then Basilar Migraine then MAV, suspected lupus then not, etc. etc. Finally CFS! My question how many of you have other symptoms alongside the daily dizziness, vertigo attacks and migraine.
For instance, exhaustion after little exercise, achy muscles, feeling fluey, virusy after a couple of hrs shopping etc. Sweating with tiredness.



Hi Chris , yes I have many symptoms like the ones you’ve said, I know it’s all part of the migraine . from what my neuro say’s almost anything and everything can happen.
many patients are frightend before being diagnosed, becasue mav can sometimes feel like MS for eg:
I know in my case my symptoms make me very tired and very stiff in muscles ect.
sleepy confused, If I could just wake up! sometimes I feel like my brain is in a constant fog, with no way out.
I’m sorry you have these symptoms and hopefully you’l find a med that can help.
I’m taking verapamil 270mg a day, hoping to titrate soon to 300 a day.
this drug has help a (LITTLE) to lesten the severety of the migraine attack itself.
I’m soon going to ask for some topamx, as I hear it gives people more energy and is a good propholaxis.

jen, 13 years rocking,
diagnosed finaly in november 2007

Hi Jen,
Are you going to take topamax as well as the verapamil? I have tried the majority of preventatives in the past, most seemed to give me more dizziness or insomnia or worse headaches. Propanalol helped a little and Sanomigran and Prothiaden, with the prothiaden, the good effects seemed to wear off after a while. They diagnosed me with CFS when I said I was sweating with little exertion, achy fluey virusy when I had say, been shopping a couple of hours (but all the time, every day, I have the background dull head, dizziness etc.

Over the years I have been down the adrenal exhaustion route, had adrenal saliva testing which showed low cortisol, I have got low B12 and reactive hypoglycemia which is another type of dizziness alongside it.
Lately have been checking out the lymes disease (infections) part and took antibiotics for 3 months last year (just in case). Now I am wondering if I have just got side tracked, my main symptoms are dizziness, vertigo and migraine and daily headaches. I am contemplating trying verapamil again as it seems to be the most popular med for this type of thing.

I would be interested to know if anyone has cleared ALL these symptoms with a preventative. That would be interesting.

Best Wishes

hI Chris as far as I know there shouldnt be a reaction between topamax and verapamil as I know of another patient using it.
If the Gp lets me try it I’d be ahppy to start on a low dose and see how it go’s, but having said that I do stress easy , keeping my stress levels down with these constant symptoms is very hard.
so I worry any med I try might add to my anxiety.
I cant take benzo’s as I have a parodoxical effect on me. I dont understand the mechenism behinde that I know it’s rare but for me it happens.
I was on prothiadon for 2 years and did find it lessend my attcks but didnt stop the dizzies.
I believe prothiadon was what caused my SVT tachy in the first place, so I worry about trying them again.
sorry Chris I’m not familiar with Sanomigran , I’m from Australia and havent heard of it , is it an antidepressant??
I dont have pain I have silent migraine, thank God,
but the neurological stuff is pretty bad.
Ive had blood work up done time and time again for hormones ect
would this adrenal exhaustion be tested that way?
there are so many things to be considered < i have a long way to go on my search for true health.
so far apart from the verapamil everything has made me eventualy feel just tierd.
even if it helps at first a couple of days later its dosnt.
I find I’m sleeping away my day after a migraine, and my life is being sucked up by sleeping.
I maigraine at least once a day if not more.
with out the verapamil it used to be more.
I have persistant aura.(It never go’s)24/7
You know if I had to wobble for the rest of my life I’d probably cope , but the brain fog and tiedness is doing me in, (emotionaly).
we dont have lymes disease in here. at least ive never heard of a case here.

I hope we all find something soon.
thanks Chris.