Otolith Labs’ At-Home Vertigo Study

I do not know if anyone would be interested, but Otolith Labs is doing a virtual vertigo study



cool – do you know if there is a FDA trial ID? looks legit but i didnt see it on the website

edit nevermind i found it: Evaluation of the OtoBand in Subjects With Self-reported Vertigo to Reduce Severity of Vertigo in a Real-world Setting - Full Text View - ClinicalTrials.gov

its legit


thanks for being vigilant :+1:

this is one to be excited about too! looks like a really good team behind it


I am scheduled to Zoom today with clinical coordinator to see about moving forward with study. I will report back here.

Thank you @sheepdog_lord for finding that information. I didn’t know about the FDA thing.

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i worked in clinical trials for about 4 years so I know the tricks of the trade :joy:

just for background, all clinical trials conducted in the US need to be registered with the FDA and are therefore searchable on their site. for example, you can search by condition for “vestibular migraine” or “migraine” and all the clinical trials for those conditions will populate.

additionally if a company is conducting a trial in a country outside the US but eventually want to submit the product for FDA approval, it needs to be registered as well so you may see a lot of trials that are happening outside of the country

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I am officially enrolled in this study, and I start tomorrow. Oddly enough, I have been vestibular migraine (VM) free for about a month now, however this morning I woke up with one brewing, and as the day has gone on it’s gotten worse…coincidence? :joy:

Is it finished? I noticed date 2022.

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It says 2022 on the website, but they are still doing the study. I just started yesterday. The trial lasts up to 35 days once you start. I will be updating my personal diary with information as I move along in the study. :blush:

this was the previous trial – im sure the new one is listed, this is just the first one i saw

Thank you. Very interesting and shame it’s only for US citizens.

I have just completed my third clinical trial with Otolith since 2019 and am hoping this device gets FDA approval as it helped tremendously and I was able to tell the difference between the actual device and the placebo the first two times. The last time it did not help much so I think I had the placebo but this time they only provided one device. Good luck to you!

it might not be – check the trial locations